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House Rundown: Episode 7, "Ugly"

House Rundown: Episode 7, "Ugly"

Does anything change when a documentary crew starts following the action at PPH? That was the question this week on House. And the answer: not really. The documentary episode is a bit of a TV stereotype, and frankly, as a window into what the characters really feel, I preferred the Mirror Syndrome guy. But the film crew did prompt some great lines — "I became a doctor because of the movie Patch Adams" — and caught Cameron in one very awkward moment. It also apparently gave Taub the courage to stand up to House for the first time. For more about the episode, just

Whoa, where did Taub come from this week? After weeks of being generally agreeable, he came out swinging with the case of the boy with the facial deformity. Maybe it's because he's a plastic surgeon and considered himself an expert; maybe it's because the cameras were there and he saw a chance to shine. Either way, he pushed back on every single one of House's decisions, even pissing off Cuddy in the process. I'm glad we learned how Taub came to vie for a spot on House's team — though doesn't the revelation that he was fired for not keeping his pants on put an interesting spotlight on his interactions with Amber?

I thought the writers were setting up Taub to leave, but the real person to go was Terzi, after House realized she wasn't smart — just very, very hot. Now, are we really to believe that Terzi has some kind of overwhelming mind-freeze power over House (and other men — remember Wilson trying to see through her shirt)? More than, say, Thirteen or Amber or Cameron? House makes cracks about Cuddy's breasts all day and can still speak intelligently in front of her! I actually thought, briefly, that one of Terzi's idiotic ideas would end up being right; as soon as she suggested autoimmune, though, I knew she was a goner.

Speaking of attractive women: Cameron had one of the most revealing plots of the night. When the documentary crew asked her if House was as much of an ass to her as he'd been to his team all day, she responded that she "loved House." Which she quickly, awkwardly amended to say she loved "working with House." There have been inklings of something between Cameron and House for years, and maybe her feelings for him — whatever they may be — are the reason she can't totally remove herself from House's orbit.

Some other thoughts:

  • It was fun to watch everyone try to be their best selves for the camera: Chase talking in formal, grave language; Kutner putting on a tie; Amber wearing lipstick; House being even more ridiculous than normal ("I will see you again after I have saved his life. Have a warm bath waiting").
  • Wilson, after House said Terzi couldn't be dumb because she worked at the CIA: "The Bay of Pigs was a daring triumph."
  • The actual medical case didn't really grab me — there were almost too many twists — but I thought the actor playing the kid with the facial deformity was fantastic.
  • Taub finally has a nickname: "mini-stud." Does that mean Kutner's next?
  • The payoff with House and Cuddy watching the final cut of the documentary was great. "Suddenly, I don't feel like I can trust Michael Moore movies."

Your thoughts? Happy Michael Michele is out of the picture? Ready for House to hurry up and fire someone else already?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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