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Did You Catch All These Inside Jokes in the HIMYM Finale?

Apr 2 2014 - 7:00am

You may still be reeling from the How I Met Your Mother series finale [1], but we're moving on a little to examine other aspects of the series ender — like the running gags [2] and Easter eggs that came back for one final time. If you didn't know why cockamouse or Judge Fudge sounded familiar, look no further! We're breaking down those old references right here.

Major Pleasure

Ted and Robin's goodbye is their usual joke with each other — anytime someone says "major" or "general," they turn it into a salute.

The Infinity High Five

Barney — and the gang as a whole — love their high fives, so Ted and Barney's goodbye is appropriate and over the top: the infinity high five!

The Yellow Umbrella

We've known about the yellow umbrella for a few seasons now, and it's been used to "show" the mother before we met her, hiding her face. When Ted meets Tracy, they fight over the umbrella, both recounting the St. Patrick's Day party and bar where Tracy leaves the umbrella and Ted picks it up.

Her Name Being Tracy

This isn't totally new information; in a season-one episode, the gang goes to a strip club, where Ted meets a dancer named Tracy, and he jokes to his kids, "And that's how I met your mother." The stripper wasn't their mother, but now it makes sense why he would make that joke.

Haaave You Met Ted?

Barney's wingman move for Ted ("Have you met Ted?") has been a long-running joke, and he tries to get him to say hello to "the bass player" at the wedding [3], though Ted resists. The first "Have you met Ted?" is this one, in the pilot.

The Hanging Chad Costume/Slutty Pumpkin Flashback

Right before Marshall and Lily move out of the apartment in the finale, they have a Halloween [4] party, where Ted brings back his old faithful Hanging Chad costume (though this time, Tracy is his date). He wore it multiple times, including the year of the Slutty Pumpkin. And the night that Ted waits for the Slutty Pumpkin is also a flashback in the series finale.

The Perfect Week

Barney talks about the "perfect week" he had in 2010, leading him to improve upon it in the future with a "perfect month." That's a girl for every night. Still gross! He also intones his oft-repeated phrase "Daddy's home," though this time it's in reference to his daughter.

The Playbook II

Back to his old ways, Barney says he creates a new Playbook, the first of which was such a big phenomenon that it was published and is for sale [5].

Judge Fudge

Marshall gets to bring back his nickname Big Fudge when he gets the judgeship, and Judge Fudge is born — plus the opportunity to be Fudge Supreme!

The Cockamouse

Marshall and Lily stay in the apartment until the bitter end with their kids, and the bitter end is signaled by the appearance of the cockamouse — a fabled monster that was first spotted by Marshall and Lily and, later, Ted and Zoey.

Robots vs. Wrestlers

The scene where Ted, Tracy, Marshall, and Lily find out that Barney is expecting a baby takes place at a Robots vs. Wrestlers show, which the gang first attends back in 2010.

Goliath National Bank

In the finale, Ted and little Penny are looking at Goliath National Bank, the place where Barney worked and the new headquarters of which Ted designs.

The Bet

At Ted and Tracy's wedding [6], Marshall has to pay Lily — a callback to the fact that they had bet, seasons earlier, that Ted and Robin wouldn't end up together. Obviously Lily would need to pay Marshall back, and apparently that scene was shot, but Alyson Hannigan tweeted [7] that the scene was cut.

Robin's Dogs

In the future, Robin has a ton of dogs — a reference to the fact that at the beginning of the series, she has five dogs, all given to her by different exes.

The Blue French Horn

When Ted goes to ask Robin out, he brings the iconic blue French horn, the symbol of his willingness to do anything for her [8].

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