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How to Keep Reading a Boring Book

How to Overcome a Boring Book

The following post is written by beautyreader, who posted it on the OnSugar blog Fraiche Reads.

Recently, the unthinkable happened! I've read a boring book. . .

It was so boring I couldn't get through the first couple of pages. I often read multiple books at the same time but this book was really bad. I'm not going to list the title but everyone in their book-reading career has come across a boring book. Boring books are the books that aren't, or far from, a 'page-turner'. The narrator rumbles on with no point or there's not enough excitement to meet your need to keep reading. Its all based on your taste in what genre you read.

Here's some tips for overcoming a boring book:

1. Put the book down and walk away: At times it's best to just put the book down.
2. Give it a chance: Even though you might not get through the first chapter, keep reading. You might read something you like that will make a boring book into your new favorite. But if it still hasn't gotten better, just go to tip one or tip four.

To see the other tips, just keep reading.
3. Read the last page: I know you never want to spoil the ending, but is the ending really worth pushing through the lagging pages? I often read the last page of the book and if the ending sounds good enough, it's worth the reading.
4. Give it away: Maybe the book isn't to your taste or it's a genre you thought you'd like but just can't get into. By giving the book away you can either find out what other people think of it (if passed on to a friend) or just feel good about getting rid of it! Now, you have an excuse to go book shopping again!


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stephley stephley 7 years
Life's too short to struggle with dull books - there's nothing wrong with putting one down for good. I was wrestling with A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley once - a woman came up to me on the subway and said "Isn't reading that book like being in hell?" It had come so highly recommended that I had an awful time admitting that I hated the book, hated and the characters and didn't care what happened to them.
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