How Much Do You Love The Notebook Test

How Many of These Notebook Moments Set You Up For Disappointment?

You're pretty sure that The Notebook is to blame for all your high expectations in life and love. Or are you? For some, Noah and Allie's crazy-romantic love story really raised the bar, and let's be honest: all those sexy Ryan Gosling moments didn't help at all. Seriously, who can build a dream house and say all the right things and look like that? Ugh. To see just how much of a hopeless romantic you've become thanks to the 2004 film, check off everything that applies. (Note: we're only half joking.)

Image Source: New Line Cinema
  1. You want someone to fight for you.
  2. You want someone to fight for you by risking his or her life and/or hanging from a Ferris wheel.
  3. You expect a first date to involve dancing in the street and being serenaded.
  4. You think lying in the street together is romantic or something.
  5. Your significant other must have the most perfect half-smirk.
  6. Your significant other must have the perfect eyes and face and body, too.
  7. Your significant other must be Ryan Gosling.
  8. You like to be kissed up against walls.
  9. You like to be kissed up against anything, really.
  10. You love being kissed in the rain.
  11. You love being kissed in canoes.
  12. You wouldn't mind being kissed in an abandoned house, either.
  13. You actually prefer kissing while fighting.
  14. You think the best kisses require jumping into people's arms.
  15. You're a bird.
  16. He's a bird.
  17. You want your guy to say things like "There's nobody else for me."
  18. You want your guy to say things like "I could be whatever you want."
  19. You fully expect your soul mate to build you a dream house.
  20. You fully expect that dream house to be built while you're dating other people.
  21. You find love triangles strangely romantic.
  22. You are absolutely SHOCKED when an ex moves on.
  23. You'd like to be rowed through a lake filled with swans.
  24. You expect to wake up to flowers on your pillow.
  25. You very seriously believe that Ryan Gosling isn't married yet because he's waiting for you.
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