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maria-bihas maria-bihas 5 years
Of Course i choose Kristen ... She's the BEST  
1278368 1278368 5 years
Of course, the version with Kristen and Charlize is the best, the cast is much better!kristen is amazing in this movie!
Kstew-fever Kstew-fever 5 years
jolielove jolielove 5 years
So much excited to see SWATH.I love KRISTEN.
CristalWater CristalWater 5 years
Julia's SW version seems to be mostly a comedy, Theron and Kristen's seems edgier, the Angelina SB one is just pushing the fairy tale trend too far, Jolie does looks like a and old ugly witch herself lately, though, lol! 
leanyn leanyn 5 years
My whole family are ready to GO to see SWATH this Summer! We would go to see other Snow White too if we have 8th or 10th years old children BUT WE DON'T! So KristenSnow is my first choice!!
LizMW LizMW 5 years
Nathan Lane must get a kick out of being compared to Chris Hemsworth.  
tarshier tarshier 6 years
Kristen haters should watch what you think and what you feel as "QUALITY MOVIE MAKING"! Nobody forced you to watch and see TWILIGHT SAGA series! If you think the movie failed your expectations, then QUIT seeing Robsten movies! We honestly think Kristen Stewart is a good actress and has great potential to become great hollywood actress in the future! She has the looks, the dedication and commitment to become one! She has no way but to go up and reach her dreams! and the Robsten and Twihard supporters are all geard up to support all the way Kristen and Rob! Can you imagine Rob and Kristen being compared as the next Brad and Angelina!? That's really something! and i think that's not very far from what they are now!
1278368 1278368 6 years
Kristen is a phenomenal actress, she is amazing ..... Kristen good luck, you're the best
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
Uhhh, since when is Kristen Stewart talented? You Twi-tards really know nothing about quality movie-making...
tarshier tarshier 6 years
KRISTEN STEWART is the fairest of them all!!! KRISTEN STEWART'S SWATH rules!!! Wait, who is Lily Collins? she looks like a gypsy in the picture.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 6 years
I like KStew a lot even tho. I don't care for the Twi. Series. I think KStew has depth.
sofia123 sofia123 6 years
Kristen's will be better. The cast in that one rocks, and the movie seems much darker and action-packed, which will make it more interesting. Plus I know for sure that KStew is great actress, and I haven't really seen Lilly in anything. I'll just go and see the Huntsman one. That will be amazing.
1278368 1278368 6 years
affixed to the incredible talent of Kristen, I'm sure will be the best
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Julia Roberts is a good enough reason NOT to see any movie! The Huntsmen it is. It seems more interesting overall and is better cast.
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 6 years
It would be nice to have variety in theaters these days instead of rehashing the same old stuff. The fact that 2 films are being released within months of each other is just silly!
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
Julia Roberts :-D Yes.
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 6 years
I wish Tarsem SIngh would direct the one with Stewart and Theron.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
So, no Angelina? These should be good movies.
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