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The Hunger Games Audience Review

3 Reasons You Loved The Hunger Games

Now that The Hunger Games has been released, everyone is talking about what they thought of the movie. We asked you what you thought of the film, and overall, it sounds like you were pleased, and there are a few big reasons that stuck out in your comments. Check out those three things and the comments that support them below.

Jennifer Lawrence gives a stellar performance

  • "I was very impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's acting. She was able to capture and express all the emotions even without us knowing Katniss's thoughts." — popculture whore
  • "Rue's death and Jennifer's acting. . . her reaction and her shivering [in] pain or going into the games . . . just outstanding. Oscar-worthy, I say." — Ranaulz
  • "I thought it was a great movie! Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence are very talented actors, and I wish them the best of luck!" — KHB6479

The movie stays loyal to the book

  • "I loved it! I thought it stayed mostly true to the books . . . I plan to see it again this week!" — Anna Monette Roberts
  • "Thought the film was cast perfectly, and I didn't think this prior to seeing the movie. The adaptation from book to screen was very well done. Looking forward to seeing the movie again." — adcmx
  • "I thought the chariot scene with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) on fire was very cool! It gave me goosebumps! When Katniss was about to enter the games shivering, [it] was very well acted I actually felt nervous myself for her! The fight scene between Katniss and Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman) was intense! All in all they did a great job of bringing the book to life on screen!" — RussTaylor682
  • "Overall, I think it was a solid, well-acted movie, and was very faithful to the books. I think the setting was perfect; District 12 was exactly as I imagined, as well as the Capitol and the woods during the actual fighting . . . " — dreamalittledream

See one more reason when you read more.

It's emotionally fulfilling

  • "I loved it! It exceeded my expectations and lived up to the hype. I was captivated and lost in the world the whole time. And oh yeah, I cried a lot." — Angelica
  • "One of my favorite parts was seeing District 11's reaction to Rue's death and Katniss's salute . . . I found it incredibly moving." — popculture whore
  • "I loved the Rue scenes, and felt they could have actually lengthened their friendship a little more, but the scenes were still powerful." — dreamalittledream

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