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The Hunger Games Casts Rue and Thresh

The Hunger Games Finds Its Thresh and Rue

The Hunger Games has already cast its three main leads, and today two more join the cast. Newcomers Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg will play Thresh and Rue, the tributes who compete in the Games on behalf of District 11. Thresh and Rue are supporting players in the novel, but it's still exciting to see the cast coming together (can't wait to find out who gets chosen for Haymitch and Prim). How do you feel about the latest bit of casting?

littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
@ChelMarie you took the words out of my mouth! Thank God Rue isn't Willow Smith!
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
I'm so excited for any and all casting news for this — I just finished the book and am OBSESSED.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
They look good to me! Just happy Rue won't be Willow Smith! Now THAT I could not have handled.
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