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The Hunger Games Catching Fire Finnick Casting

Who Should Play Finnick in Catching Fire?

Now that The Hunger Games is a smash hit and major blockbuster, it's no surprise that fans can't wait to see who will be cast in the the next installment, Catching Fire. The latest buzz is all about Finnick, a character who shows up in the second book and becomes a major player in Katniss's story. In the novel, Finnick is in his midtwenties and described as a charming lady-killer. Despite rumors that Lionsgate is narrowing down the options, a producer recently revealed that casting Finnick is still in the very early stages, which means it's anybody's game.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Kitsch had their names in the mix, but both actors have denied that they'll be signing up for the sequel. There's also been whispers about Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund, but there are plenty of other hot young Hollywood actors who could do the job (Zac Efron certainly has that megawatt smile). I'm curious about who you can envision in the role, so chime in with who you'd love to see cast as Finnick in Catching Fire.

KatnissMellark KatnissMellark 5 years
Damn! I was really hoping Taylor Kitsch got the role.
HorseloverM HorseloverM 5 years
YES! Dylan Korroll! He's got the looks, the hair, the smile. But if not him, then Zac Effron or Chace Crawford.   Isn't this pretty much like a poll asking you which male actors you think are really hot?
pringleprincess pringleprincess 5 years
pringleprincess pringleprincess 5 years
unsocjil unsocjil 5 years
Hands down, Bradley Cooper.  He's got the tan, the smile, the physique, just enough mischief, and can go crazy too.  
Brittany2796329 Brittany2796329 5 years
Garrett Hedlund and Zach Efron...They look pretty good for the party. Maybe Armie hammer too.
Sara2220043 Sara2220043 5 years
Chris Evans, of course! He would be absolutely perfect!
campbrad campbrad 5 years
I think Armie Hammer or Zac Efron would be wonderful!
Mary2788176 Mary2788176 5 years
Chace Crawford would be perfect!!
reesiecup reesiecup 5 years
Hedlund or Hammer seem like great picks!
smileet147 smileet147 5 years
These are my picks with Josh Pence and Justin Hartley in the top running.   NO NO NO to Robert Pattinson
xshannonx xshannonx 5 years
i WANT Robert Pattinson :)  @robertpetterso1
BrioHG BrioHG 5 years
I vote Jeremy Sumpter!
mlleemilee mlleemilee 5 years
 @Shannon Vestal  I kid you not, in a fairly recent issue of InStyle where Armie Hammer was their Man of Style, he randomly said that his "secret hobby" is tying knots. If that's not an obvious "I'd-be-great-for-Finnick" ploy than I don't know what is ;)
jenniferg jenniferg 5 years
I haven´t even read the book so I have no idea how the character is, but I approve of Garrett Hedlund being in more projects. I would go watch that movie just because of him if he ended up being cast.
sookeh sookeh 5 years
Lord please, not Zach Efron.    He'd most likely never do it, but perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Tara-Block Tara-Block 5 years
 @Shannon Vestal Max Irons!
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
I could totally see Armie Hammer. Or Max Irons for someone younger.
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