Hunger Games Survival Skills | Quiz

Could You Really Survive the Hunger Games?

When you're rooting for Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) to whoop ass in the Hunger Games movies, you just might find yourself thinking you could make it out of the arena alive too. But how realistic is that? We scoured the books and movies for the skills you'd all need to be a victorious tribute. In honor of this week's release of Mockingjay — Part 1, tell us what you can do, and in return, we'll let you know if the odds are actually in your favor.

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  1. You can pretend to love someone and make it look Oscar-worthy.
  2. You're more diplomatic than the United Nations.
  3. You can read people better than Judge Judy can.
  4. You've been scaring people since you invaded the playground.
  5. Forget GPS — you have a compass in your brain.
  6. Your bandaging skills are straight out of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
  7. You'll search high and low for fresh water.
  8. Identifying edible plants is your pastime.
  9. You can start a fire with rocks and your bare hands.
  10. Picasso would take body-painting lessons from you.
  11. The jungle is your ideal campsite.
  12. Some people see a dark cave. You see the Ritz-Carlton.
  13. You wrote the book on tying knots.
  14. Tree-jumping would have been your preferred PE substitute.
  15. You love a long, sweaty hike.
  16. You can run like a gold medalist.
  17. Your whistle is legendary.
  18. When you hide, no one dares to look.
  19. Shooting a bow and arrow is like changing the channel.
  20. A knife is merely an extension of your arm.
  21. You swim against rip currents for practice.
  22. Life-threatening jumps give you a thrill.
  23. You've wanted to throw bricks since you saw Home Alone 2.
  24. You hear classical music when you slash with a dagger.
  25. Your dog envies your ability to find food.
  26. Is that a rock? No, it's you — in camouflage.
  27. You can outmaneuver stronger competitors.
  28. Animals, beasts, tsunamis? Whatever. You'll evade it all.
  29. You can create a trap with a net and giggle at your prey.
  30. Your trident is your soul mate.
  31. But your blowgun is your mistress.
  32. You can get medieval with a sword.
  33. And a spear.
  34. Escaping fireballs feels like reaching the next level in a video game.
  35. You don't feel guilty about stalking people.
  36. Or sneaking up on them.
  37. Aiming a slingshot evokes happy memories from your childhood.
  38. You attack with gusto, not fear.
  39. You can handle an ax like a woodsman can.
  40. Wrestling was your high school sport.
  41. When an object flies at you, you fly.
  42. You accidentally find antidotes to poison.
  43. You don't need an app to recognize weather patterns.
  44. You can rearm land mines.
  45. Devising an electrocution plan sounds like a fun experiment.
  46. You can maintain your sanity in real-life nightmares.
  47. You: "I might be starving, but I'm still breathing!"
  48. Manipulating people is your specialty.
  49. You can survive without killing others.
  50. You can do all of this . . . without crying.
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