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The Hunger Games Trailer Fan Review

Buzz Blabber: The New Hunger Games Trailer Gets Rave Reviews

The first teaser for The Hunger Games left fans wanting more, but luckily they got their due when the full-length trailer for the film hit this week. Readers threw their support for the new preview, but that wasn't the only topic that got us talking. Justin Long's first appearance on New Girl had us swooning, while readers took sides on Julia Roberts's upcoming fairy-tale flick.

Fans are pleased with the new Hunger Games trailer

  • "OMG! I can't wait! Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly cast as Katniss. I am so excited, this trailer is a million times better than the teaser trailer. Love the books, and now I am all giddy inside." — BlackKitty
  • "I love the way they shot it, the cinematography looks gorgeous! Oh, and the costumes! District 12! The Capital! Fingers-crossed they got the tone right —from the looks of the trailer, they did (but you never know).
  • "Wow, intense is definitely the word!" — littlemunchkin

To see what fans had to say about the latest episode of New Girl and the Mirror, Mirror trailer, just


Justin Long makes a splash on New Girl

  • "Paul was sooo funny! I hope he sticks around longer, this is probably the most I laughed in any New Girl episode, and I was planning to quit it but after this, but too much funny." — Juiceee
  • "I hope he and Jess end up together. They're such an adorably and delightfully geeky pair!" — Karen Marie
  • "I agree! Paul is hilarious and so adorable! I love Jess and Paul together. They were meant for each other." — gd101

Readers are divided on the Mirror, Mirror trailer

  • "Ahhh so silly in the greatest kind of way! I'm going to like this." — Thewhip2131
  • "Not impressed. The trailer gives away too much of the plot, and Julia Roberts's comedy just comes across as a desperate attempt to stay relevant." — larisa5656
  • "Very happy to see a fairy tale that is cheerful, finally." — laurenstroudma
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