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Ian Somerhalder 50 Shades of Grey Casting Rumor

Five Reasons Ian Somerhalder Is Perfect For Fifty Shades of Grey

Though it came as no surprise to me that Fifty Shades of Grey will be coming to the big screen, I'll admit that I was blanking on the perfect casting. That is, until Ian Somerhalder expressed interest in playing Christian Grey. The sensational erotic novel revolves around the S&M relationship between 27-year-old-billionaire Christian Grey and naive college student Anastasia Steele, and the romance that comes with her sexual education. Somerhalder seems so right for the role of Christian that now I can't picture anyone else in the part. Not only does he fit the bill physically, but there are so many similarities between Christian and Damon, Somerhalder's character The Vampire Diaries. Check out my top five reasons why Somerhalder would be the perfect Christian Grey, and tell me if you agree.

  1. He's got a swoon-worthy smolder. Anastasia is constantly talking about how beautiful Christian is, from his crooked smile to his perfect bod. Somerhalder's got prettiness in spades, but he also knows how to play it mysterious. If you need more convincing, check out his sexiest smolders.
  2. He's not afraid to show skin on the screen. Before Somerhalder hit it big on The Vampire Diaries, he was stripping down regularly for the HBO show Tell Me You Love Me. Though the series only lasted 10 episodes, it generated buzz for pushing the envelope with its racy sex scenes — an element you can bet we'll see in the big-screen version of Fifty Shades.
  3. There's a vampire connection. Fifty Shades started out as Twilight fan fiction, in that Christian and Anastasia are loosely based on Bella and Edward's personalities in Stephenie Meyer's saga. Though Damon is a far cry from Edward, they're both hot vampires lusting after good girls.
  4. Christian and Damon have a lot in common. Christian's basically the complex bad boy with a softer side, and the same can be said for Damon Salvatore. Somerhalder has mastered the art of playing hot and cold, and can also go from playful to mistrusting with a mere glance, which is exactly how quickly Christian's moods swing in the novel.
  5. He's not too mainstream. Somerhalder has die-hard fans as far as the eye can see, but he's not quite a major movie star, which makes him a wise choice for the role. Going with a household name like Ryan Gosling could be distracting to the audience, but Somerhalder is still a bit under the radar.

Can you see Somerhalder in the role or do you already have someone else in mind? Let's hear your casting ideas in the comments.

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kariii kariii 4 years
He is Absolutely the most perfect man Alive! yes he fits him perfect Christian an Ian are just two peas in a pod :) lot of people might not think so but yes his part in Vampire Diaries tells you everything so yes Hes perfect.
erikaalexis22 erikaalexis22 4 years
when i seen Ian somerhalder i seen Christian Grey! he would be the one i would love to see play the role....and when i think of Ana i see Ann Hathaway! But yes i want to see ian play the part he has the dark smoldering look that describes Christian
Helena3472682 Helena3472682 4 years
Ian was born to play Christian as I read the book he was who I pictured Ian is christian
Samantha3461918 Samantha3461918 4 years
I vote Ian Somerhalder & Lucy Hale. Well Ian is an obvious choice. He's perfect for this role. She's innocent, young and matches how I would see Ana.CANNOT wait for this to be a movie.
Carmen3193612 Carmen3193612 4 years
The only choice for Christian Grey is Ian Somerhalder,  This is the ultimate way that the movie will be worth watching.  Ashley Greene is perfect on all levels for Anastasia Steele!!
Damona3458177 Damona3458177 4 years
Ian is perfect for Christian Grey! I cannot imagine anyone else, and those eyes...need I say more...
Heather3447795 Heather3447795 4 years
Ian is absolutely perfect!! He has the face, the personality and the body! And I don't no what to say about those eyes....damn... What nice eyes!! It would be hard to watch with anyone else. He's got to be Christian Grey!!!
Bryan3434543 Bryan3434543 4 years
I think Ian would be a perfect Christian Gray, he's got it ALL, class, charisma, and good looks. plus hes kinda kinky also, just saying....
Tracie3425053 Tracie3425053 4 years
yes Ian should have the leading role as Mr. Christian Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Jen3391264 Jen3391264 5 years
JJ411 JJ411 5 years
@nina16  @Martha2732340  @SirenSongWoman  Exactly. ;)
nina16 nina16 5 years
@gala705  F U, stay off the board then
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
I see, still the same old horny women on this board
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
Its just a P0rno, it can wait
nina16 nina16 5 years
@JJ411  @Martha2732340  @SirenSongWoman  it does feel like this process is dragging on forever.  Just say Ian has the role and we'll all behave. :-)
JJ411 JJ411 5 years
@Martha2732340  @SirenSongWoman The whole process is seemingly dragging on endlessly. Not a chance our guy will be forgotten though. We won't let that happen. ;)  He still remains a huge fan fave. Did you see  E L James on Katie Couris's show last month? Katie ran a poll that lasted all week before the show  as to what actor fans want to see play CG. Katie revealed on the show in front of Ms. James that Ian had won the poll... Ms. James also did an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show a couple of weeks ago and said she's a big Vampire Diaries I think he's very much on her radar. She's said she has 3 actors in mind for Christian...but won't say who.  I just hope Hollywood doesn't let us down.   Fingers crossed. Ian is such a perfect fit for this role, no one else comes close to encompassing all of the character like he does.
Martha2732340 Martha2732340 5 years
@JJ411  @SirenSongWoman I only check the blogs when someone posts something and I get the email notification, I've never tried logging in so I don't know if they blogs were down, I just assumed people got tired. The whole process is taking so long, first choosing producers, then screenwriter, now waiting for the director...I just hope people don't forget about "our" Ian by the time they are ready to cast this movie! At least now I'm having my weekly "Ian Fix" with TVD.
Charlene3371362 Charlene3371362 5 years
I am reading the books now and Christian is the only character that has face and its Ian's. This man is beautiful and he draws you in and you fall in love with his character on Vampire Diaries. He would be the BEST CHOICE.
JJ411 JJ411 5 years
@Martha2732340  @SirenSongWoman  Hi Martha. Nice to ''see'' you. I have been having trouble for the longest time signing in to the Buzz Sugar sites. Hopefully it's cleared up now. Do you still visit the other page of casting debates? lol
Shelby3363884 Shelby3363884 5 years
Yes two thumbs up, he's definitely  the perfect man for the job.
Rachel3367684 Rachel3367684 5 years
OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK THIS MAN. He is beyond beautiful, perfect choice in my book!!!
Martha2732340 Martha2732340 5 years
@JJ411  @SirenSongWoman by the way...long time no see anything on this post, pleasant surprise tonight...I've missed the healthy debates ladies;)
Martha2732340 Martha2732340 5 years
@JJ411  @SirenSongWoman I have always said it, Pavelka is good looking, but he's not Ian Somerhalder's perfection... Ian gets better every day, he came back to TVD looking even hotter than in last season's finale.
JJ411 JJ411 5 years
@SirenSongWoman  Mr. Pavelka isn't an actor...  And he's much too bulky and hulk looking.
Jane3350505 Jane3350505 5 years
I can't picture anyone else playing Christian Grey!  Ian has the looks down to a tee!  I'm looking so forward to the movie coming out.  If Ian is not Christian then I'm going to be so disappointed!  Pleaseeeeeeee let Ian play Christian Grey, I can't wait to see that character come to life!
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