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Ian Somerhalder Talks About His Character Damon on The Vampire Diaries and Returning to Lost

Ian Somerhalder on Playing a Vampire and Returning to Lost

The third episode of The Vampire Diaries is on tonight, and I'm already hooked. Stefan is the show's answer to Edward Cullen, but there's no question that his brother, sexy, evil Damon, is the man of the hour. Ian Somerhalder plays him in all his chiseled, thirsty glory, but Diaries isn't the only show that Somerhalder is appearing in: last week he was on his way to Hawaii to reprise his deceased character Boone on Lost!

I had both exciting shows on my mind when I ran into him at the TCAs, and Somerhalder obliged my questions.

  • On what he likes about Damon, his character on The Vampire Diaries:I would say [that he's] charming, dangerous, funny — those are pretty cool things. I've always played roles where I had to take myself way too seriously. This is not that.

To see what else Somerhalder had to say about his new show and his return to Lost, just


  • On whether it's better or worse to be playing a vampire right now: It makes it a more opportune time to be playing a vampire. By virtue of the success of Twilight, it has sort of paved our way for existence, so never bite the hand that feeds you. It's a great time for that. For some reason it caught on, and I think this whole vampire thing is here to stay for a while. I mean, that franchise has another three installments, I think? Which is a lot.
  • On what will set The Vampire Diaries apart: I think that the show is very well acted, it's very well directed, it's very well shot, and obviously it's very well written. And that's, you know, there's a lot of equity in that. These are really dynamic characters.
  • On whether he was a fan of any of Kevin Williamson's other shows: The first job I ever had, which was a show called Young Americans, was a spinoff of Dawson's Creek. Twice now, Kevin has given me the avenue to have a really great job.
  • On returning to Lost: I know it's happening. We're figuring out the dates right now. It's complicated just because of scheduling. It's not going to be that really great vacation that I always get with lots per diem and a convertible and massages by the beach, but this is going to be getting on a plane, flying, landing, going to set, working, sleeping, and then flying back.
  • On whether he knows what's going on in the final season: I'm curious, because I'm just as confused as everyone else . . . I need to do a lot of catch-up before I come back.

I can't wait to see Boone again on Lost, even if it is only a flashback. Plus, I figure that Somerhalder knows his way around playing a dead dude by now.

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