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What's the New Hulk Movie's Biggest Challenge?

Recently The LA Times ran a piece that analyzes the bumpy road it's been to bring the latest Marvel comic book hero, The Incredible Hulk, to the big screen.

First and foremost there's the question of "why?" Ang Lee's disappointing stab at it was out in theaters a mere five years ago. Fans feel burned by that adaptation and skepticism lingers that anyone can get it right.

More anxiety grew as the trailer was suspiciously delayed. Now that two trailers have been released it seems fans are feeling better about the film. Then again, behind-the-scenes rumors persist that the movie's star Edward Norton isn't thrilled with some of Marvel's choices. And while the trailers definitely look more action-packed than Ang Lee's movie, those CGI monsters running at each other in the end still strike me as a bit silly.

When all is said and done, I'm wondering if the good buzz will triumph over the bad in time for audiences to get on board by June 13. What do you think is the biggest hurdle the filmmakers are facing in getting people to see their movie? Do you have high hopes for The Incredible Hulk, or not so much?


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