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Buzz Interview: Amber Stevens Speaks Greek

There's a whole bunch of exciting TV on this week, but amid all the season premieres and big second episodes, I'm excited to cozy up with a new installment of my darling Greek. Recently, I got to join a group of TV reporters in a chat with Amber Stevens, who plays Casey's stalwart best friend (and shopaholic), Ashleigh. We talked a little about her friendship with Casey, her hopes for the show, and her favorite Ashleigh moments. Here are the highlights:

What surprises can we expect during initiation and Hell Week coming up this season [Oct. 28]?
Ooh, well, we do have a special surprise — well, I guess it’s not a surprise anymore — that LC will be on the show in that episode. That’s something to look forward to. It’s kind of a really exciting episode because it’s what you’ve been waiting for the whole time; you really want to see how Rusty handles it. There’s a huge surprise with the ZBZ initiations. I can’t go into detail, but it’s really exciting and it shocked all the actors on the show. We got the scripts and we were calling each other, freaking out, going, "Oh, my God! What is this?"

Ashleigh’s had a lot of wackier antics on Greek over the past couple of years, including the flip flop incident. I’m wondering if you have a favorite Ashleigh plotline that’s been the most fun for you to play.
I really, really liked [the episode] when Ashleigh becomes the tour guide. Gil Younger directed the episode, who directed our pilot and our first two episodes of the show ever, and I just had a lot of fun working with him. He came up with the whole thing where I’m giving the tour, and we’re walking, and we’re walking, and I had to take the whole group through and then introduced my friends. I just thought that was hilarious. She gets to be the leader for once, and kind of tell people what’s cool around campus and she just has fun with that.

Lots more if you


Is there ever any resentment of Casey being the queen bee on Ashleigh’s part, or are you just the really supportive BFF?
I think Ashleigh is just a huge supporter of her best friend. She has no interest in the things that Casey does for herself. She likes that someone else does those things, and Ashleigh can stick to her own thing. She is a leader of herself a little bit, like with her fashion forwardness. She’s not listening to anyone about that. She wears whatever funny, crazy things that she wants to, but when it comes to her social life and stuff she’s not necessarily the leader. She just likes to make sure that other people around her are happy and make other people feel comfortable. I don’t think there’s any resentment there, but she definitely needs to become a leader one day in her life.

What about Casey’s new boyfriend, Max? There seemed to be something really mysterious about him.
He’s this new guy that comes out of nowhere who’s really not a person that she would normally date. He’s kind of geeky; he’s not very social, but she discovers something that she really loves about him and brings him out of his shell. We just learned that he was so closed off because he had a girlfriend that just died and he was mourning her for so long that he was never leaving his room, and Casey was the first person to bring him out. So, I guess it’s just more of how they deal with each other and how they bring out the best in each other for the rest of the season. We’ll see what happens.

I saw that you were the student body president at Beverly Hills High. I’m wondering if you had any experiences either there or elsewhere in your life that remind you at all of ZBZ.
Oh, a whole bunch! I was obsessed with student council in high school. I randomly got into it because my freshman English teacher was the leader for student council. She was like, “You should do this. It’s fun. We go on trips.” I’m like, “Okay.” Then, it just turned into this love of my school and the student body and wanting to make sure that everyone’s experience in high school was memorable and fun and they had cool parties that they could remember for the rest of their lives and stuff like that. Ashleigh is the social chair of ZBZ. So, she’s doing the same thing I was doing in high school, planning parties for everyone, making memorable moments, and just bonding with everyone.

The people that I had in student council are still family to me; we can talk to each other on Facebook. It’s like we’re always going to be family together. Even kids that are still at my high school now, new students that are on student council, will contact me, like “I’m in student council now with Miss Newman and we know that you were there.” We’re still like a family together, which is just like what happens in a sorority too.

Has it come up at all what’ll happen once you guys are seniors? How long can you stretch out senior year?
Oh, my gosh, we are so concerned about that . . . This is our third season to viewers, but it’s really second, but they’ve made that just one year because at the end of this season it’s Hell Week, which is the end of the year. So, hopefully they’re going to slow time down and make each season a semester or something because you will run out of time eventually. I don’t think that the show would make sense if we graduated.

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thetoneishopeful thetoneishopeful 9 years
Amber is awesome! Can't wait for Hell Week, LC, and more!
kendallina kendallina 9 years
I love this show!
True-Song True-Song 9 years
I am so in love with this show, and I adore her. She just seems like she'd be fun to hang out with in real life.
catswig catswig 9 years
this show isn't on tonight....right? i thought it was tuesdays...
kiwiprincess kiwiprincess 9 years
I love the show and Ashleigh is my favorite character, besides Cappy. She's cool and I really liked reading this interview about the show. I was sort of missing out on this season's "Greeky-ness" but I can at least look forward to more Max + Casey antics and even LC showing up!!!
yeokr yeokr 9 years
i am OBSESSED with max; when it came to cappie v. evan, i was totally cappie, but he is totally out of mind right now. it is one of my favorite things about this show, though, that when there is no focus on the plot lines concerning love lives, it is still really fun and interesting (so i guess cappie really isn't out of mind, i am enjoying his story lines without casey or rebecca)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Greek is a real guilty pleasure show! Thanks, Buzz. Loved her comments about her own high school experiences!
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