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The Riches, FX's series about a family trying to steal and swindle their way to the American dream, begins its second season tonight. The show was able to complete just seven episodes before the writers' strike shut down production, but as star Eddie Izzard said in a recent chat with reporters, that just meant this season will have a tighter, quicker pace. He and co-star Minnie Driver had quite a lot to say about the series; here are highlights from the conversation:

  • On having just seven episodes this season because of the strike:
    Izzard: "The writers were obviously aware of this beforehand, and so we built a sort of cliffhanger halfway through the season. So it really didn’t hurt us in any way. . . . The first season, if you watched it all the way through, the tone does move around somewhat. The second season, we just sort of knew where we were going, we locked down, we got on the railway lines, and we just went full steam ahead. So I think it makes it like a tighter punch."
  • On whether a viewer could start with season two having not seen season one:
    Minnie Driver: "I honestly think that condensed trailer that you get at the beginning of any new season is enough to fill you in on where you’re at. And really, if you just read a blurb that says, “A couple of con artists and their kids trying to steal the American dream, move into a rich neighborhood in Louisiana,” you’re kind of good to go. I mean, I think that’s what’s wonderful about our show is that you can explain it really quickly, it’s high concept, and the characters are very immediate. And certainly, we pick up literally 15 seconds after where we left off at the end of season one, so you’re coming straight in, in a really dramatic place."

For more, and to watch a clip from tonight's episode, just


  • On what's driving Dahlia this season:
    Minnie Driver: "From my point of view with Dahlia, yes, she’s led by the truth, or her version of the truth, in this season and wanting to kind of cleanse herself of all of the deceit. She wants to be this new person, but I don’t think she has any idea of who the old person is. So wanting to be somebody new presents a huge challenge, and it’s very interesting and very kind of psychologically challenging to follow her down this rabbit hole."
  • On Dahlia and Wayne's tough relationship:
    Eddie Izzard: "Well, at the moment it’s heading towards a sort of train wreck, and we won’t wreck the train. I’ve always thought that their ambition is similar, because they’re quite different people, but they’ve got this ambition thing. They kind of want it all and in different ways. And I think that’s going to keep them together, and there’s a love that’s underneath it."
  • On whether people actually could believe in and live a life like the Malloys/Riches:
    Minnie Driver: "America likes to look at itself as this kind of straightforward picket fence ideal, when the reality of what’s going on is much rarer than that, and it’s much stranger. And I think we are fictionalizing an element of kind of Americana that people don’t want to think about, which is that I think a ton of people are coloring outside of the lines, they just maybe don’t want to admit it. And here we are kind of admitting it and going, you know what, this is literally what we do for a living and we’ve got a taste for it."

Photo and video courtesy of FX

jerries jerries 9 years
Ohh, gotta see that ep!! Think I saw something about a season 2 premiere encore, next Monday [3.24] @ 11pm?? I was up for a while last night, and also caught Izzard on Carson. I knew he was a great actor, but didn't know he was so cool in person, too!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i love this show - and sadly i only caught like the last 20 minutes of the episode last night becuase i forgot that it was on. thankfully i'm sure that it'll be re-run at some point this week for me to catch up. if not - i guess i'll just have to watch the rest of the season w/o knowing how it really started until it goes into re-runs
arianell arianell 9 years
I watched the first few episodes of season 1, and they were just WAY too tense for my liking. I understand that it's a dark comedy, but hopefully this season will focus a little more on the "comedy" aspect.
AKirstin AKirstin 9 years
Yay! I so adore mister Izzard! <3
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I didn't see all of Season 1, so I'm glad to hear that I'll be able to dive into Season 2 with little trouble. After reading the interview and listening to a short NPR feature on The Riches this afternoon, I'm really anxious to tune in tonight. Thanks, Buzz!
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
x_juicyfruit — honestly, it took me a while too. The show finally did start growing on me about partway through the season (and especially once the accents got better!)
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
I really really adore both of them, but for some reason I couldn't get into this show. :(
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