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Lil Rounds: "I Felt That I Knew Who I Was as an Artist"

For the past several weeks on American Idol, early favorite Lil Rounds had been struggling with criticism from the judges that she wasn't showing off who she was as an artist. Maybe those comments finally got to voters, because Rounds was sent home on Wednesday alongside Anoop Desai. In a call with reporters on Thursday, Rounds said she had a pretty good feeling she'd be heading home but didn't fault the judges for their criticism. Here are highlights:

  • On whether she felt the judges had turned against her: "I don't think it was like that at all. . . I felt like they were giving me constructive criticism to improve me. It was OK because in the end, I'm going to take everything that they gave me and push forward with it, because I definitely have some albums to come out, and everything they gave me is going to make that a great success."
  • On charges that she didn't make songs her own: "When I would hear that, I automatically, first of all, thought that I did make it my own, especially vocally. But I guess they wanted me to do more of a change as far as music-wise. Whenever I would do a song I always stayed true to the way the music went. . . Vocally, I felt like I did do some changing because I wanted it to make sure it fit who I was as an artist. I'm sorry the judges didn't quite agree with that per se, but they never took anything away from me. I felt that I knew who I was as an artist and I felt I made it my own."
  • On why she argued with Simon on movie night: "It seemed to me like [the critiques] started going back and forth — one week they'd tell me one thing, and the next week they'd tell me the opposite of that and flip it. I wanted to make it clear — not to go toe to toe with Simon or the judges or anything like that —but I wanted America to know that I really am an artist . . . and I love to do the R&B, the soulful vibe."

To hear what Rounds learned from Idol and how she felt about her ever-growing hair, just


  • On the biggest lesson she learned from Idol: "Even in the midst of adversity, you've just got to keep your head up. . . I felt that I came back each week regardless of what the comments may or may not have been. I came back each week and I would sing my little heart out each week. American Idol gave me a great platform."
  • On advice for Allison as the last woman standing: "She's my baby, and I just told her to make sure she keeps her head up and go out there and be Allison and nail it each week like she's been doing and hold it down for the ladies."
  • On whether she was surprised to be going home: "I actually kind of had a good feeling that it might have been time [after Tuesday's performance] for me to get ready to go. I started coping with the idea that I might be leaving before the show."
  • On her ever-growing extensions: "It was actually a collaboration with me and my hairstylist. He was awesome, and I told him, 'I think I want to go a bit longer.' I didn't think he was going to take me this long, but he did. . . I was like, 'Ooh, I like it!'"

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