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SYTYCD: Farewell to Randi and Kupono!

Last night we said goodbye to Randi Evans and Kupono Aweau on So You Think You Can Dance but the good news is that both dancers had nothing but wonderful things to say about how far they got and their time in the competition. Randi and Kupono were entirely gracious in their exit interviews. Check out some of what they had to say below and remember to enter to win a chance to this season's finale which is just a few weeks away!

  • On why she seemed to click better with Evan than Kupono: "It’s almost the 'it factor'. We just hit it off right at the beginning. We only have four and a half hours to get a number together. With Evan I’m not sure what it was, it just happened. I was used to working with Evan, but when we switched partners I feel like we just didn’t have enough time. Kupono is a great guy but it just wasn't the best number of the night."
  • Kupono on working with Wade Robson on the crash test dummies dance: "I was ecstatic when I got him! Working with Wade, he’s just a positive person. I’m all about energies and that kind of stuff. He told us that he didn’t think there were any other people in the top 20 who could have pulled that off. We found ourselves in the characters he gave us. As weird as his movement is, I feel like I do it best or better than some other techniques. He’s an amazing visionary, a genius."
  • Randi on what dance she wants to take on tour: "I would love to the number did the first week, our jazz. Also our Mia Michaels routine — the butt dance. I would really like the opportunity to do that again."
  • Kupono on the Mia Michaels addiction piece: "My father and my sister were meth addicts, when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. It was a really rough time for my family. Thank god they got healthy and thank god they got through it. My best friend, too. My family is that much stronger because of it. As horrible as it was, it got us to where we are today so I’m thankful to that. The crazy thing is, I was telling Mia about it, I feel like she brought stuff out I didn’t know was there. My family is so much better and I’ve dealt with everything, but there was still so much in there. It was like therapy. I needed Mia Michaels. I needed that piece, I needed Kayla. That whole piece was therapy for me and I needed it."
  • Randi's favorite moment of the experience: "When they announced when I had made the show. I tried to make it on the show for three years now so when they finally told me did — it was unforgettable. It’s hard to pick just one moment; it's really a collaboration of all the moments together."

To read more about what Randi was thinking when she was in the bottom two plus whether Kupono want's his signature move to be the next big thing just


  • Randi on what she was thinking when they announced she you was in the bottom: "It wasn’t that big of a surprise, I had a feeling that I would be, just because all of the numbers [Wednesday] night had been so great. The other girls I was competing against, I mean look at them, they’re so amazing. Someone had to go and I really feel like I had a really good run. I wasn't really sad, just content. I gave it all I had and had a good run."
  • Kupono on when he whips out his signature dance move: "I actually might do it at clubs, not knowingly. That’s like, my happy dance. When I’m backstage it's what I do to make people laugh and get my spirits up. When you’re doing it you can’t help but smile. It lifts peoples spirits and I’m all for it. I wouldn’t mind if it was the next big dance craze, I’m not gonna lie!"
  • Randi's Avice for aspiring dancers: "Perseverance pays off more than you know. Never give up. If you want it bad enough you will get it. You will. Its inevitable. No matter if it takes one year or ten years. The best advice I got from the choreographers was to take risks and don’t be an 'in your box' dancer. Really explore."
  • Kupono on getting into dance: "In Hawaii I didn’t have much access to studios until I was older and able to go myself and make it happen. Once I did, it cannonballed from there and got bigger and bigger and bigger. It made me happier. It was always in me to be this dancer and I was able to finally do it. Dance made me a happier person."
  • Kupono on what he wants to be remembered for: "If not for my dancing, which compared to these other dancers — they’re ridiculous — for my fun spirit. I like to think that I’m a cool guy, a cool cat. I’m very positive."
  • Kupono on what his plans are next: "What’s next? I can’t wait to see my niece. I absolutely miss my family to death, I miss my nieces so much. That’s the next thing on my to-do list, I can’t wait to check it off!"

Photos courtesy of Fox

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