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SYTYCD: Karla and Vitolio Say Farewell

It seems so long ago now — thanks, holiday weekend! — but last Thursday's So You Think You Can Dance ended with Karla Garcia and Vitolio Jeune heading home. The two had each survived previous trips to the bottom three, but ultimately the quickstep did in yet another dancing couple. Today, the pair hopped on the phone to talk about their time on the show and their future plans. Here are highlights:

  • Karla, on what she thought about doing the quickstep: "When we opened up the card and it said quickstep, I think I was already practicing my solo — especially when everyone else around us had a genre in their comfort zone. I felt almost defeated. . . . The real blessing was having Jean-Marc [Généreux] as the choreographer, because that can really make or break your experience, and he was very invested in us."
  • Vitolio, on ending up in the bottom three again: "I was a little bit surprised, because from the judges' critiques the night before, we had an awesome quickstep and the judges loved it so I wasn't expecting to be in the bottom three. I knew somehow we were going to be in the bottom three because America already had their favorites. But at the same time, I was hoping for a miracle."
  • Karla, on being branded an underdog: "[Jonathan and I] were already being called the underdogs the first week of the competition and had barely even done any dancing yet. I think it's because of just the way they edit the show — you don't have control of how much camera time you get or what stories they focus in on early on. I feel that some are luckier than others, and there's only so much you can control. All I can do is dance my hardest when you get that moment to shine."
  • Vitolio, on his final solo: "The first two solos that I did, I was pretty much showing my technique, and there was a lot of jumping there. The last solo that I did, I was trying to connect with myself. I was just trying to get more in touch with my spirit and just enjoy myself, because I knew that was probably going to be my last time on that stage."

To hear about their favorite moments and what they hope to do in the future, just


  • Karla, on her favorite performances: "The most rewarding, most exhilarating piece I did on that show was Stacey [Tookey]'s contemporary piece that I got to do with Jonathan. . . . That was my most shining moment, and I was really blessed to get to work with Stacey. She really wanted us to shine. She knew we were the underdogs, she knew we didn't get that much camera time, and she wanted to showcase our technique."
  • Vitolio, on his future plans: "I'm planning on moving back to LA and keep on dancing and choreographing, and hopefully get into acting and modeling, and I think probably writing a book about my life story."
  • Karla, on where you'll see her next: "I got a few offers [for teaching and performing] the day after my elimination. . . . I got another offer from the Radio City Rockettes in New York City, and I think I'm going to do that this year."

Photos courtesy of Fox

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Allyace Allyace 8 years
I didn't think it was their time to go, but I also kind of felt like it was inevitable b/c like Vitolio said America has already picked their favorites. Good luck to them both. I'm sure working with the Rockettes will be a blast.
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