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Interview with Jessica Lucas of Melrose Place and Cloverfield

Five Minutes With Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas seems to be the go-to girl for the CW's soapy remakes. After appearing on the big screen in Cloverfield, Lucas turned up on 90210 as an undercover cop posing as a transfer student. Now she's staying in the Aaron Spelling reboot family as newly engaged elementary school teacher Riley in the new Melrose Place. At the TCA press tour, Lucas had a few things to say about her new job:

  • On whether Riley's relationship with Jonah (Michael Rady) will last: "They're definitely going to be tested a lot. I think the environment they're in is very harsh.They're under a lot of financial stress. So I don't know how long they're going to be able to work things out. And I think, you know, Riley's really at a crossroads. I don't think she really knows if she wants to get married."
  • On whether her character is as good as she appears: "Like anybody in real life, she has flaws, and those flaws are going to start to come out a lot in the first few episodes. I think the main thing with her is, she is really nervous about getting married, and she doesn't know if she wants to, and that's going to cause her to maybe stray a little bit."
  • On how this show differs from the original: "I saw a few episodes of the fourth season [of original Melrose] and it was insane — like, people were blowing up the courtyard. I think we're going to try to keep ours a little more grounded. It's heightened reality, but it's very gritty, it's very dark. And I think it shows that really dark side of LA and how it can affect people and define who they are and change who they are."

To find out what Lucas thinks of the show's mystery twist and whether she'd ever do another Cloverfield, just


  • On how much she knows about the show's murder mystery: "Every time we read a script, we get a little bit more of a piece of a puzzle. But I have no idea who did it. Not too many details are emerging yet. . . . I think the chances of Riley murdering Sydney are slim to none."
  • On whether she thinks there could be a sequel to Cloverfield: "I think JJ [Abrams] talks about it every once in a while, but I think it's important to him if he wants to do a sequel that it be for a good reason and that it's for a good story, and I don't know if he's thought of something unique enough yet. . . . I think maybe an origin story about how that monster got there would be really cool. It would be so fun to do a sequel to that."
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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
I find this girl very likable; especially in 90210 (even if her character was such a walking cliche). I didn't realize she was the girl in Cloverfield - she was so beautiful in that movie! I don't care for her MP charcater as much; kind of boring so far; but hopefully she'll get some depth. glad to hear that MP won't be as campy as the original - not that I'm expecting much...
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