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Interview With Peter Sabasino and Pauline Mata From So You Think You Can Dance

SYTYCD's Peter and Pauline Say Farewell Together

This week, Peter and Pauline said good-bye to the So You Think You Can Dance stage. The tapper and the jazz dancer who had also been partners took some time this morning to talk about their experiences on the show with a few reporters.


  • On how great of a venue the show is for tap: I think it was time for tap to be on the show, and I definitely think that So You Think You Can Dance needs more of it. I'm just proud that the three of us — Bianca, Phillip, and myself — got to represent tap the way that it needed to be represented.
  • On whether he worries that future tappers may be discouraged to audition: If anything, I hope that I inspire tappers to audition for the show, because I know that when the show first started, tappers were very rare, because they didn't take [them]. So I hope I inspire tappers to audition for the show, because if I can make it, any other tapper can make it. All it takes is a little bit of belief in yourself.
  • On his future plans: The one thing I would love to do is start my own tap show. I feel as though there aren't any shows anymore that are primarily tap-based.

To hear Pauline's thoughts, just



  • On whether she had a sense of dread during rehearsals, after calling the Quickstep "the kiss of death": I did, at first. When I drew quickstep, I already knew in my head instantly, "Oh no, this can be really bad." Coming in to the rehearsal, the choreographer started teaching us, and it wasn't bad at all. The whole movement — it was just really fun, and just really energetic. I didn't feel there was one dull moment in that rehearsal. But I did feel some sort of dread in it, some sort of, "Oh no, this is the quickstep, this is what everyone doesn't want to draw out of a hat."
  • On the Van Gogh dance: That was my favorite dance. It was so creative and the concept was so good; the way Wade explained it, me and Peter were very excited for it. The whole thing about coming back for Van Gogh because he supposedly erased us from his first draft — that was actually exciting, because we get to play a character that we really aren't. It was considered jazz, but I don't think it was jazz, because Wade's choreography and Wade's style — I don't see an actual name for it. I would call it Wade. He's so different, and his stuff is very unique. I pulled Wade, and not jazz.
  • On her future plans: I'm going to go back and teach at the studio I grew up at. I do want to tour, dancing and teaching, in other countries and around the US. But at the same time, on the show, I was working with wardrobe, and I've always had this fashion sense in me — I want to be a fashion designer or something in that area. Just as a side thing, aside from dance, so I can get in that industry and be creative with the costumes. But I will still be dancing no matter what.

Photos courtesy of Fox

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PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
I don't watch this show but that short girl on the far right needs to put a little bit more clothes on.
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
And really, with as crappy as this season is, does it matter if you know ahead of time? Wake me up with Mollee leaves.
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 7 years
What, and also not show pictures of them on the main feed either, just because you haven't watched the show? If you don't like it, DON'T READ THE FEED. The rest of the thousands that have watched the show--we deserve to be able to see pictures and read about the voted off dancers. Not to mention--these dancers have worked so hard--people should know who they are. They deserve all the glory and honoring they can get. And that includes referring to them by name in the title.
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