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Interview with Scott Michael Foster and Preview of Greek Finale

Greek's Scott Michael Foster on the Mystique of Cappie

Tonight — too soon! — Greek wraps up another season on ABC Family. We've finally reached the end of the first school year, with fraternity and sorority initiation approaching and sending the pledges into a hellish frenzy. Meanwhile, Casey has a decision to make that's so big, she seeks advice from Lauren Conrad, who appears to her in a dream.

Recently, Scott Michael Foster, who plays the wacky and always surprising Cappie, took questions from a group of reporters about his role on the show and where he sees Cappie going in the future. Here are highlights:

Do you think Casey and Cappie should be together, or are they possibly not right for each other after all?
I think they’re absolutely right together. I think, you know, it’s true love. I mean, they both know it, and it’s sort of about figuring out their own lives first to get to that place where they can be together . . . It’s just a matter of when, I think, for those guys, when it’s going to happen, not if it’s going to happen.

Will Rusty's dating skills ever catch up to Cappie's?
I think that’s Cappie’s goal, is to get Rusty to open up. Rusty is a little brother not just in the fraternity aspect, but in the emotional aspect for those two. I think you want to see [Rusty] become the kind of suave guy that Cappie is.

How long do you see the show lasting? Or how would it evolve, because you can't stay in college forever.
Well, you know, Cappie’s whole philosophy is that he can stay in college forever. He wants to, at least. This is the best time of his life as he sees it.

To learn which character Foster initially auditioned for and watch a preview of tonight's finale, just


How are you and Cappie similar?
I admire the aspect of, you know, living for today. I think that’s great that that’s what the character is all about. I definitely identify with the "life’s too short to worry about small stuff."

When Cappie’s college days are over, where do you see him ending up?
I can definitely see Cappie owning, I don’t know, owning something on the beach, having some sort of little business on the beach, maybe selling, you know, tacos and beer at a resort in Cozumel.

If you didn’t play him, what other character on the show would you like to play?
I can’t really see myself playing any other character on the show. When I tested for the show, I tested for the role of Calvin, so in the beginning I sort of saw myself as that character, but as I started playing Cappie more and more, I just realized that was the role for me.

One of my favorite revelations about Cappie this season was his deep, insane knowledge of Olympics trivia. I was wondering if you had any favorite Cappie revelations.
Every time you turn around, he knows something about something else — like in the episode with the whole Joshua Whopper program. You find out that a lot of people think — and especially Rusty — that Cappie is smarter than he leads on. He’s not just a drunken party frat boy, because he has had a lot of majors and knows a lot of things, and he’s not a moron. So, when they actually pull up all these things about how he’s, you know, an Olympic trivia person, or the fact that he can go and take a phallus class and ace it — when that stuff happens it’s pretty cool.

In real life, do you think you would ever be in a frat?
Before I did this show, I don’t think I would have, but being on the show, I definitely think that there’s something that a fraternity has to offer. It’s, for someone who’s coming into college at 18 years old, away from home, to be a part of another family, that’s awesome. I guess I never thought like that. So yeah, I think now going back, I probably would have.

Photos courtesy of ABC Family and Source

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simplyfab87 simplyfab87 8 years
I didn't know that was the last one either. Sadness. Love Cappie. Him and Ashleigh are my favorites
bushra bushra 8 years
what?! that was the last greek for the season? noooooo!
juliex0x0 juliex0x0 8 years
i loooooooooooooove this show! so happy it's on tonite!
kendallina kendallina 8 years
Greek is such a guilty pleasure for me. I like Cappie the most.
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