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Russell Talks Winning So You Think You Can Dance

It's been barely 24 hours since America declared its new favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance: Russell Ferguson. The krumper showed an incredible amount of growth outside his chosen style, and won over both the hearts of the judges and voters. The busy champ had a chance to talk to reporters this morning to discuss his victory, his history with krump, and his next plans.

  • On being injured last night and then winning: At the end I was pretty much running off adrenaline. It was very stressful after that, because I wasn't able to do the final performance, which is important to me, but I got to dance the dance I injured myself on. My dad came backstage and was just talking to me and calming me down, and said everything was going to be OK, and I just went out there with my head high.

To hear what else Russell had to say, including why he pulled former contestant Kevin on stage with him, just


  • On why he pulled Kevin up on stage when he won: Kevin just has been with me through this whole journey. He's like a brother to me, and I felt like I should share that moment with him.
  • On his previous training: I've been doing hip hop all my life, and so I figured if I was going to take on any big dance projects later in life, I would have to learn other things to be well-rounded in the dance field. I did four years at Boston Arts, I did University of the Arts, so I got a good amount of training.
  • On his intentions when he auditioned for the show: I was just hoping that America would change its views on krump and what it was about so they could be more familiar with it. I knew I was going to be able to get that message across, but winning is a big bonus.
  • On how he got into krumping: It was love at first sight. Being on the Internet and looking at different trailers from the old documentary Rize when it was coming out — just watching that got me into it. I taught other people how to do it once I learned it myself, and it just spread.
  • On his favorite performance of the season: I would have to say the Afro-jazz frog dance. It was just really exciting and kind of brought me back to my roots a little bit. It felt real; it felt natural and great.
  • On what's next for him: I'm just going to invest my money and try to get into a lot of movie projects, try to get in some dancing, see what can happen.
  • His closing remarks: I just love America.

Photo courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
mommie mommie 7 years
I meant "as some of us well know." Look at our politicians.
mommie mommie 7 years
I thought Jakob was THE best dancer, I was sure he would win. America doesn't always vote for the best as some of well know.
Yv Yv 7 years
Like I said in October: So I am very happy.
care0531 care0531 7 years
demarco- I think your right he had said he didn't have much training but according to the interview he had 4 years which he may have viewed as not much since most dancers start when they are young.
care0531 care0531 7 years
A couple weeks ago I said it was going to come down to Jakob and Russell and I feel Jakob should have won because he was the most consistent but I know how these American voting system things go and it's always the come from behind kid that wins. I felt the same way with last season I thought Brandon was the better dancer and I liked Jeanine but she wasn't as consistent yet America voted for her.
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
I agree on the misleading by the judges. But didn't they ask him about his training and he said he didnt have any at one point? I may have made that up. I wish it had been Kathryn/Jakob/Ellenore instead. Russell is entertaining, but they are amazing.
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 7 years
I really like Russell and definitely thought he deserved to win as much as Kathyrn or Jakob, but I thought it was really disingenuous of the judges to tout him as untrained or "an unpolished diamond" in Nigel's words. I knew he had training at Boston Arts, but a lot of my friends had no idea. It's not Russell's fault, but some of my friends feel like they were misled.
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