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Interview: Tyler Labine of "Reaper"

Interview: Tyler Labine of "Reaper"

Bret Harrison may be the star of "Reaper," which premieres tonight on the CW, but it's Tyler Labine's sidekick character, Sock, who gave the pilot a big dose of goofiness. Some of you, like Molly, might remember him from his role on the Canadian teen comedy "Breaker High," but he's also been seen more recently on "Invasion," "Boston Legal" and, briefly, "Traveler." At the TCA press tour, I chatted briefly with Labine about meeting Kevin Smith and getting to be silly again.

On getting back into comedy: "I took kind of a turn toward the dramatic for a while there. 'Invasion' wasn't totally drama, but I got to walk the line. 'Boston Legal' was definitely straight up-and-down, expositional drama. I shot a movie this summer with my brother that was pretty much drama. By the time this came across my desk, it was just like 'Ahhhhh, OK.' This is where I was born from. This is where my roots are, being the jackass, the boob, the barnacle, whatever you want to call it."

On Sock's motivations: "I'm aware of what I'm doing. I'm not stupid. I just have nothing better to do. I'm fiercely loyal to Sam. He tells me he's sold his soul to the devil and my first question isn't 'what?' It's 'Alright, cool, let's go!' That is what appealed to me about Sock, that willingness to jump on board wherever the train passes. "

On working with Kevin Smith: "I've been a fan since Clerks. [After his first meeting with Smith] we went outside and we just smoked for 45 minutes, shitty menthol cigarettes — I didn't want him to know that I didn't like his cigarettes, so I just kept smoking. We just discussed everything — all my reservations, all my hopes for the show — and we just completely met in this area where I felt there was no possible way we could go wrong. I'm really just crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that he'll be back. I definitely have a man crush on Kevin Smith."


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tralalala tralalala 9 years
Yay breaker high! He was in the short Canadian Zombie too. Sweet.
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 9 years
Breaker High was a Canadian show? I used to watch that and Sweet Valley High after school all the time! Go Tyler!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Thanks for placing him in Traveler for me, Buzz. Reaper sounds interesting.
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