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Iron Man 2 Reader Reviews

Buzz Community Reviews: Iron Man 2

And we're off: In its opening weekend, Iron Man 2 made history with its box office success, and like that, Summer blockbuster season has begun (play my game to get in the spirit)! The Robert Downey Jr.-led sequel also won over audiences with flair, and you guys sounded off in the comments of my regular and video reviews about how much you enjoyed the film. Check them out!

  • "I adored this movie! Even if there was quite a bit going on, like you said RDJ is just so charming. Moreover, this is what a summer blockbuster ought to be like: funny, exciting and full of eye candy!" — sweetumms33
  • "Just watched it IMAX today. RDJ was magnificent as usual. I agree that it was a solid sequel. And I remembered to stay after the credits this time." — reesiecup
  • "Saw this on opening day for my birthday and it was AMAZING!!! I thought it was as good as the first one, and my friend thought it was better. A must see for everyone who liked the first one." — CJade98

See a couple more reader reviews when you


  • "Being an avid comic reader, I am usually very critical of super hero movies. I have to say that this one is better than most. Ignore all the overly harsh reviews of it and enjoy it for what it is, a bad ass super hero movie. The only problem I had with it was that the final battle was too short and kind of a let down, but that can b said of the first also. " — DonkoPuncarelli
  • "RDJ. Drool I loved that man since Heart and Souls. It's just amazing watching him on film. Now if only he and Johnny Depp would get in a film together :head explodes." — Soniabonya
  • "Saw this Friday....more of an action-packed comic book style than the first, still great performances by my future husband RDJ and Mickey Rourke. Don't understand the critics saying the plot is too complicated....I guess if you have an IQ of 20, it's complicated, otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the fun. Great popcorn movie to start the summer with! Seeing it again next week!" — jazzytummy
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