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In what has become typical JJ Abrams fashion, new clues about his January '08 movie (fake-titled Cloverfield) are coming out bit by bit online. As many recent moviegoers saw during the trailers before Transformers, the teaser trailer was shown with not much information beyond the fact that the movie will be released January 18, 2008 and looks to be some kind of monster movie utilizing shaky hand-held camera techniques a la The Blair Witch Project.

Now, in addition to a fairly useless teaser website, there are two companion websites for the mystery movie. One is a blog called EthanHaasWasWrong in which the writer tries to explain that... Ethan Haas was wrong about something and that Abrams' movie is lame. The other one, called EthanHaasWasRight, features puzzles which, once solved, lead you to brief videos in which a guy in a baseball cap says a bunch of apocalyptic stuff. The puzzles get increasingly difficult to figure out, but people have been putting up the resultant videos on YouTube with some of them being removed by Paramount. To me this all reeks of a "Lost" tie-in, however, and to see what I mean,

All this viral mystery stuff is so similar to Abrams and Co. putting out the Hanso Foundation website and having people gain clues to the show via the Lost Experience, etc. The use of the videos and the general vibe feels so much like "Lost" that while it may not be a "Lost" movie exactly, if there turns out to be no tie-in whatsoever I think that's extremely lame. Now, to figure out who the heck this Ethan Haas is, besides a character on the CBS comedy "The Class" played by actor Jason Ritter. Any theories?

And check out this first of these creepy Ethan Haas videos in which there's a call to action of some sort with a deadline of August 1.

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hotstuff22069 hotstuff22069 9 years
I watched Transformers this weekend..pretty good...but all I really wanted to see was this trailer. I love JJ and his crazy ideas to promote his projects.
kundalini1 kundalini1 9 years
I have a feeling that this is a teaser trailer for the American remake of the Korean movie "the Host."
hvnly34 hvnly34 9 years
My husband and I are Lost devotees and found the trailer before Transformers very intriguing. Then again, we have a reputation for being willing and able to watch just about anything...
koboy koboy 9 years
I think it is verry interresting. But JJ is only the Producer. It is funny because Ethan is the name of an important guy in Lost but his name is Ethan Rom, not Ethan Haas :) I really enjoy to learn more about "Cloverfield"
Lisara Lisara 9 years
I saw the trailer when we went to see Transformers, and my husband and I were just wowed by it. It looked really interesting. So far, I am game for it and awaiting it eagerly, it looks like it will be fun.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 9 years
I love Lost. If this is some weird tie-in, however, I'll be p'd off. Don't do it JJ! This crazy crap is what made me stop watching Alias!
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