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Jack the Giant Killer Trailer

Jack the Giant Killer: Nicholas Hoult Has a Super Green Thumb

Between the enthralling series Once Upon a Time and the awesome-looking upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, I'm really digging Hollywood's obsession with fairy tales. So it's a great time to show off the trailer for Jack the Giant Killer, which takes a crack at classic story Jack and the Beanstalk. Nicholas Hoult plays Jack, a young farm boy who gets his hands on some magic beans, of which he's warned, "whatever you do, don't get them wet." Naturally, he gets them wet immediately, causing a beanstalk to shoot up from the earth into the heavens — and a fairly ornery giant to show up, and it's up to Jack to save the princess from it.

Director Bryan Singer appears to give us all the CGI we can handle to show the giant and the beanstalk's crazy growth, and I'm kind of excited for the blockbuster-y take on the fairy tale. I'm also a fan of Hoult, so I'm happy to see him in this film, as well as Ewan McGregor, who pops up as a knight in shining armor (though if you blink, you might miss him). See what you think when you watch the trailer after the jump.

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