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James Durbin Voted off American Idol

Was the Right Contestant Voted Off American Idol?

With hometown visits looming over their heads, it was another big elimination night for American Idol's final four. Once Lauren Alaina was ushered to safety, I expected that Haley would be the one to go home after the judges gave her some negative feedback last night. To my surprise, Haley was the next to go through, leaving Scotty and James in the lurch. James was already weeping before the final result was called, and unfortunately things didn't get easier from there. I expected him to be a shoo-in for the final with all the praise he's been getting lately (especially after he brought down the house this week), but perhaps voters felt the same way and figured they didn't need to call in. Do you agree with America?

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lDiane-Kat lDiane-Kat 6 years
How is this possible!!! The only best singer of the final four who I was expecting to see further. The final five should have been with Pia, Casey, Lusk, Paul and James!...But James definitively should have been on the final three. What happened people?
care0531 care0531 6 years
I vote every week for Lauren but I voted even more for her since she was in the bottom 2 the week before. Even though I vote every week for Lauren I always enjoyed James too and thought he was going to win it all. The same thing that happened with Pia happened with James....all the fans figure they are so good they have a lot of other fans I don't need to vote. This is what happens. Scotty annoys the hell out of me and dialidol has him ranked #1 every week! I just don't get it. I was hoping it was him being sent home last night and James!
theCatsPajamas theCatsPajamas 6 years
I'm so glad Haley got through.... I love her and she is hands down the best singer left. Too bad about James, I thought he was creative and always interesting to see, but without Haley or Casey, this season would have no oomph whatsoever going into the finals. Just goes to show the judges don't always give the best advice ... they've been telling Haley to do "big hits" but then James gets voted off after singing Journey.... note to self, JLo.
cibele cibele 6 years
Now I'm mad. I'm sad that you guys lost James, BUT STOP BLAMING Haley for it. Blame yourselves and the judges, have some criticism. It's been weeks that James is NOT consistent, he's been doing some pitchy and weird songs. And what do you hear from the judges? "Oh, you're fantastic", "you're in it to win", when does who know a little about music and you hear he wasn't perfect like they were telling him. All of this got into his head and into his fans heads. Take that 30 seconds to Mars song. Whoever listen to his band know that Jared Leto is a good singer, but James had every opportunity to blow Jared out of the water and HE DIDN'T. It was pitchy and it didn't have the right tone and Jared did it better when we all know James has far more range than Jared. What did the judges say? YOU'RE perfect, you're the second coming of Jesus. Again, I'm sorry he was voted off, I rather have him than Scotty, who in in my opinion has no range and no versatility. But don't blame Haley. Haley has been getting criticism for weeks (if you think the judges been telling her she's perfect you obviously didn't watch the show because Randy Jackson HATES her and Jlo always keeps telling her she did wrong and this and that), but she went there and got standing ovations after saying she didn't belong there. She's unique and has character. Sometimes having someone that can reach the highest note is not enough. In my opinion she has it all. She's pretty, soothing voice, that unique character and I really wish you guys would respect other's opinions instead of calling people who voted for her dumb and not knowledgeable of music. And for that anon that said "Anyone who knows music at all can tell that Halley is just shouting her high notes". KRIS Allen AND Adam Lambert root for Haley. So I guess you must know music better than them, right? Oh poor us peasants who don't know music and that's why we like Haley... UGH. Now I think it's really immature to keep hating on Haley here and telling America is dumb and stuff like that. You didn't vote for your favorite enough, that's it. If you think Haley doesn't deserve to win, then vote for the others. But I guarantee you that because the judges were so mean to Haley taht she gained a big fanbase. So do your best to change the results and stop being whiny.
santiephey santiephey 6 years
he shouldn't be voted off but he didn't do very good last night and last week. Lauren is the boring and with no personality. I guess the show decided that they should just tell Lauren that she's in the top 3 to avoid her crying from the beginning of the show.
TRH37 TRH37 6 years
I knew it would be James or Scotty to go home this week. The Girls are just too good. They have talent. We need someone like Haley she is not the norm., and I like that. I'm tired of the same old music., she has a raspy, jazzy voice and we need some new music out there, and better influences than what we have now. I love both Haley and Lauren and I bet they are the ones to make to the finals....If they both make I won't care who gets the title...just as long as it is between the both of them. Lauren has a strong voice for only being 16....:) xoxo
cibele cibele 6 years
Maybe the judges gave him so much praise that people thought he was safe...just a thought.
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