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Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez Eliminated from American Idol

American Idol Elimination: Who's in Your Top 11?

Even though Ryan Seacrest kicked off this week's American Idol elimination episode by describing yet another new twist to the competition, the end result of Wednesday's show was still the same: Only 11 of the top 13 finalists survived to perform again next week. Still, the new rule is interesting and could very well shake things up this year — though I'm guessing probably not all that much. After the jump, we'll talk about that, the two eliminations, and the episode as a whole, so just


It's always tough to go on the first night of the finals, but someone — this year two someones — had to do it. Say farewell to Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez.

So let's talk about this new rule. Ryan flashed on the screen some former Idol contestants — Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Michael Johns — and explained that these were some of the previous talented contestants who were sent home too early and deserved a second chance. This year the rule-makers at Idol apparently think they can avoid this kind of travesty by introducing the "judges' save." This is a little loophole that allows the judges to save one contestant from elimination one time. If they're going to use it, it must be before the top five, and it has to be a unanimous decision — plus, the week after the judges use the save, two contestants will be eliminated. Ryan said that conceivably this could have saved Daughtry, but that's not right, because he was in the top five. Try again, R-dog!

There was no big upset in Wednesday's elimination, as the folks who headed home were definitely two performers who failed to make much of an impression on Tuesday. They're the two you thought should go home, and the judges decided not to use the save for either of them. But hey, both young singers made it to the big stage, and for that they should be proud!

Here are some of my other thoughts:

  • Not to add insult to the injury of Jasmine's dismissal, but . . . she was wearing a dead bird around her neck. I was fixated.
  • OK, whose idea was it to give Gokey a solo dance move in the opening group sing? (I'm looking at you, Paula!) I thought we established this week the man should not dance if he doesn't have to! I will see those crotch-thrusts in my nightmares for a long time.
  • Speaking of the opening act: Were they lip syncing? That would be kind of nuts.
  • Kanye West's backup singer had amazingly large shoulder pads on.
  • What did you all think of Kelly Clarkson? Always magical to have her back on that stage but she seemed subdued and a little nervous. I still think she sounded great, though.
  • Both Megan and Anoop were sent to the middle of the stage and nearly eliminated. Seacrest never actually said they were the next two lowest vote-getters, but after Tuesday's show, I wouldn't be surprised. Hopefully, they can redeem themselves in America's eyes next week!

What do you guys think of the new rule? Were you sad to see Jasmine and Jorge go home?

Photo courtesy of Fox

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kittyxbee kittyxbee 8 years
If they did lip synch, I wouldn't be surprised. I think the reason behind that is that AI is taking precautions not to strain the contestants' voices. They have to practice a lot for their performances and in past AI shows, some of the singers' voices started to get strained...although, if you sing with proper technique, that shouldn't happen.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
I agree with everyone that I'm not sad to see Jasmine and Jorge go. I am really happy that Megan and Anoop stayed though. WOOHOO!
bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
I'm extremely happy with what happened, I don't think Jasmine deserved to be there at all and Jorge was just awful.
alesimas alesimas 8 years
jimpolandy, I thought I was the only one that saw those pics. After that, I just can't imagine Adam without the glitter. Who knows, maybe if he did perform as a drag, I'd like him better. The thing is, this season of Idol somewhat reminds me of previous performers. Lil is like a Fantasia, Allison is Kelly Clarkson , Megan reminds me of the girl that sold her horse to be on the show , Danny is a better version of a Taylor Hicks and Adam is David Cook after three car accidents. Other than that, even when they're singing the group song ( which is always cheesy ), there's nobody that really stands out. And somehow... I keep watching. Sigh.
ktc71 ktc71 8 years
I like the new judges rule, however it would like it better if they were able to use a save more than once. I'm not saying they should be allowed to do it every week, but one time? The two going home last night had to know there was no way the judges would use the one and only save on the first week of elimination. As far as Adam goes....I don't mind him. Is he the best singer? No way. But he is different. When I hear him sing he kind of reminds me of Axl Rose. :)
jimpolandy jimpolandy 8 years
I'm not on the Adam bandwagon either. I hate his makeup. Did anyone see those pics of him on some gossip blogs. UGH! I think the judge save rule could be fun, but it will mess up our office AI pool if no one goes home.
vbeetle vbeetle 8 years
If Scott has another bad performance he will go as should Anoop. Allison can sing like Kelly Clarkson so I hope she realizes this and picks better song choices as I enjoy her singing. Adam is riveting, you can not look away when he performs. Danny is over played, maybe a Bob Segar type of singer.
sarahcateh sarahcateh 8 years
graytb2 me too! You went to East?
lmaguire5 lmaguire5 8 years
all i got to say is Matt G. (aka white chocolate) has got my vote, so hott! and Anoop is definately fun to watch. Gokey and Adam are way hyped
graytb2 graytb2 8 years
Anoop went to my high school!! :) Such a great guy, everyone loved him. I agree with berry716 as well, Adam just gets on my nerves. Maybe it's because I'm not into the emo-boy/not sure if I'm gay or straight image he's got. I thought he screamed his whole performance on Tuesday
alesimas alesimas 8 years
berry716, you're not alone. I can't stand Adam and I don't believe the hype. Everything he does seems forced and not original on that matter. Other than that, Simon doesn't believe in suspense, cause his NO to Jorge was priceless. Ryan just kept looking at him, waiting for something nice to come out of his mouth, but hmmmm NO. Happy to see Jasmine go, but am I a bad person for getting mad whenever I see Michael or Scott? I think their time is next, or at least should be. PS: Anoooop is still in tha house. I hope he can take this experience of bottom two and make it all the way to the finals. We'll see.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
the judges save also adds insult to injury when the judges say to the ousted performer: ummm nope, not saved, adios. :ROTFL:
em1282 em1282 8 years
"I will see those crotch-thrusts in my nightmares for a long time." God, me too! :rotfl: I think Jorge should have stuck around at least one more week, but eh, two people did have to go home this week. The whole "judges' save" thing is kinda lame, IMO, but eh, I guess this will cut back on that whole "SURPRISE ELIMINATION!!" BS that this show throws at us every year.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I was happy Jasmine went home :shrug: I also was glad Jorge went before Anoop. Anoop offers something special to this competition.... not sure what, but we will see.
Diana0504 Diana0504 8 years
Hey... I wasn`t really sad to see Jorge and Jasmine go.. Jasmine seems a bit young too me and not really ready to take the stage... and although Jorge has a way better voice than Anoop,i like Anoop more,because he has more personality... and Jorge seemed really vulnerable.. but I don`t know.. I already picked my top 5,so maybe I`m bit subjective.. :-?
misscococherie misscococherie 8 years
For me Adam is a good performer, i mean he's not the BEST performer out there but sometimes i think American Idol is a little "biased" specially with Danny Gokey, which i really don't like him. Anoop should have gone home, even though i sooort of liked his performance of "Beat It" . O ut of the Top 13, he should have gone first! Jorge has better talent than Anoop, am i the only one who thinks this?
rach716 rach716 8 years
I was wondering if they were lip singing last week AND again this week! Very odd if they are. Also, I think I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like Adam, there is just something about him that I really, really, really can't stand. I kind of like the new rule(s) this season!
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