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Jennifer Aniston Makes a Date with Prom Film

We were just talking about the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, and today brings news of another project about a segregated prom. Jennifer Aniston will executive produce a film called Holler, about the racial politics of prom season in one southern small town.

Written by Dana Adam Shapiro — who previously co-directed the fabulous documentary Murderball — the film is based on a true story. Here's more:

[T]he script centers on a biracial high school student who returns with his white mother to her hometown in Mississippi, where he falls for a white girl. When prom season arrives at the high school, he is shocked to discover that she cannot be his date at the segregated prom. He soon finds himself the catalyst for change for not only the prom but for the school and entire town.

It seems like an of-the-moment topic worth exploring on the big screen. Your thoughts?

Image Source: WireImage
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
I think this sounds like an amazing project and something that light needs to be shed on.
syako syako 8 years
But, anon, I'm asking if it's a school-sponsored prom. Makes a HUGE difference, imo.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
syako — Not sure about all of them (or the Holler story in particular). In the Prom Night in Mississippi case, the segregated prom was organized by parents. In the Georgia school the New York Times wrote about recently, the school didn't sponsor any prom at all — both the integrated and segregated dances were organized by parents and students.
syako syako 8 years
They don't even really do this in those schools, do they? I was under the impression the 'segregated' proms were private parties, not the school-sponsored event.
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