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It's Official: Jennifer Lawrence Snags Lead in The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence has been the front-runner to play Katniss in the anticipated big-screen adaptation of The Hunger Games, and now Lionsgate has nailed her down. The Winter's Bone star is already living proof of what an Oscar nomination can do for your career, as she beat out tons of other top-notch young actresses for the part. Set in the future, the novel's protagonist is an arrow-slinging teenage girl who competes in death matches to help save her family. Many of you had another actress in mind, but how do you feel now that Lawrence is officially locked in?

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I pictured someone like Lucy Hale or Sarah Hyland as Katniss. I know both of these ladies are in their 20's, like Lawrence, but I think they can more easily pass as 16-year-olds. I think part of the point of the book is that society has regressed to the point where there is childhood and adulthood and less "teenagehood," which is a relatively modern social invention. I feel like if older actors (who look older) are playing the main roles, that point will be somewhat lost. As far as coloring, etc. goes, I'm sure they can dye Lawrence's hair, etc. The age is the main thing that bugs me personally. (And I don't doubt that Lawrence has the acting chops; there's just not much she or anyone else can do that will make her look 16.)
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
I'm with Briggs....they were obviously wanting to cast someone with serious acting skills for this role (whether it was Jen, Hailee, or Saiorse...all have Oscar noms). hopefully that means they are willing to make this a quality film. there is nothing i hate more than when movies based on my favorite books SUCK. when i read the books, i pictured someone like nina dobrev as katniss, but after seeing winter's bone i have no doubts that jennifer can handle it. they un-prettied her in that movie, they can do it again. can't wait to see who they pick for gale and peeta!
briggs313 briggs313 6 years
i think they will pull out all the stops to make her look like katniss. i'm excited she's an oscar nominee so people will take this movie a lot more seriously than they did that silly vampire trilogy ...
Mngo5 Mngo5 6 years
she just doesn't fit the part at all. just another example of hollywood white elitism. at least she's talented.
LouieB LouieB 6 years
I think she will be great...I am just happy they cast someone! It was driving me crazy!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Yes, she's talented, but she in no way fits the description of Katniss from the books (and I'm talking more than what losing weight and hair dye will do for her). But at least she's a great actress...
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