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Jersey Shore Fans Disappointed by Season Two

Community Blabber: Fans Fall Out of Love With Jersey Shore

Uh-oh — is Jersey Shore losing its mojo? The jury (aka you) has spoken, and the answer is a resounding yes. Other topics that got you talking this week: True Blood series creator Alan Ball's controversial Rolling Stone interview regarding the Twilight franchise and Chelsea Handler's appointment as new VMA host.

The new season of Jersey Shore disappoints

  • "It's boring. They might as well have renamed it the Sammi and Ronnie Show." — elramos
  • "I watch it if I'm flipping through channels and see that it's on. I never make a point to watch it every week like I do with Gossip Girl or Bones though." — genesisrocks
  • "I'm still watching, but I am not nearly as entertained as I was last year. Definitely disappointing!" — jessicaeden

More heated debates when you


Was True Blood's Alan Ball too hard on Twilight in his Rolling Stone interview?

  • "I have no problem with Alan Ball hating Twilight or even disliking teenagers, but to put down Stephanie Meyer's perfectly respectable message about abstinence is such a putz move." — lizlee89
  • "Wow, Alan Ball, nice Twilight name drop. No one from Twilight has ever said anything about True Blood, but you want to go bash it." — Anonymous
  • "I think Alan Ball's remark wasn't all that bad. In like every interview he gets asked about the similarities between his show and Twilight, and I'm sure it gets old after a while. It's a totally different story and tone, and he's obviously not aiming it towards Twilight's main demographic." — Renee3

Chelsea Handler earns mixed reactions as the new VMA host

  • "Funny as i think that she is, I think that it's the wrong 'arena' for her. I feel like the people who are into the VMAs aren't necessarily the people that watch her show." — ilanac13
  • "I love Chelsea. She doesn't have a filter and isn't out to impress anyone which is exactly what these types of awards need." — Miss Shapes
  • "Anybody but that slime ball Russell Brand will be an improvement." — Anonymous

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I'm sure people are ready for this cartoonish stereotype to fade out.
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