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American Idol: Did the Judges Make the Right Decision?

Psych! America voted Jessica Sanchez off this week on American Idol, but the judges swooped in seconds into her song and used their one save card for the songstress. "This is crazy!" said Jennifer Lopez, practically shoving Jessica aside during her last-chance performance to give America a lecture on voting for their favorite singers.

It was a shocking twist of events on a show that started as business as usual, with performances by ex-Idol contestants James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson featuring Ne-Yo. As the end of the show drew near, we learned in the bottom three with Jessica was another one of Jennifer's favorites, Joshua Ledet, and Elise Testone, who gave a commanding performance last night. It came down to Jessica, and thanks to the judges, she's not going home just yet. Did they do the right thing in saving her, or should they have saved their trump card for later in the game?

Photo courtesy of Fox

TRH37 TRH37 5 years
 @Maggie Pehanick  @likethedirection I agree....same with Joshua....
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
 @likethedirection I agree....same with Joshua.....
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
 @Phyllis2566411 I agree....same with Joshua....  
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
I don't like that they were def. using their save card just because of Joshua being in the bottom three.,HE NEEDS TO GO HOME!!!!!! I don't like his sound at all., he bores style, no personality....  If it would have been Elise standing there in the end instead of Jessica would they have saved ELISE????? Prob. not. they only said that because they want Joshua to win and then they saved themselves with the big ending on saving Jessica....because it wasn't Elise that was to go was Jessica.....would they have treated Elise like that if it were her standing there in the end. I didn't like how the Judges acted when it was down to Elise and Jessica and when it was said that Jessica was going home....their faces were like NO WAY!!! That was very disrespectful to ELISE!!!! Elise is my favorite girl.,she should not have been in the bottom three.....JOSHUA AND JESSICA DESERVE TO BE IN BOTTOM THREE..... Phip and Colton are my favorite guys..... ELISE, PHIL, COLTON all have the BEST voices and the BEST personality and BEST chance of hearing them make a number one CD.....
Phyllis2566411 Phyllis2566411 5 years
Jessica should have gone home--she lacks personality and poise
Maggie-Panos Maggie-Panos 5 years
 @likethedirection I agree - she doesn't have a defined sound, I have a hard time seeing her with a successful record career.
likethedirection likethedirection 5 years
People didn't vote for her because she sounds like she's singing the same song every week.  She might be an awesome singer, but she's boring.  Hopefully she switches things up for next week or she'll be right back in the bottom three.
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