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Office Tidbits: Andy in Love, the Real Jim, and Niagara Falls

Mindy Kaling had some big Jim and Pam details to spill last week at the TCA press tour, but that wasn't all we learned about the upcoming sixth season of The Office. During a visit to the Dunder Mifflin set — which, yes, looks an awful lot like a real office — the cast and writers shared a bit more of what we can expect. Beware of spoilers when you


  • Jim and Pam are getting married — and fast! Their wedding is set for episode four — but it might be happening in Niagara Falls! Executive producer Greg Daniels told one reporter that director Paul Fieg is currently scouting locations, and the couple will be having "a kind of kitschy wedding."
  • Jenna Fischer said the reason for the quick wedding is that Pam's "trying to hide [her pregnancy] from certain members of her family" — which, yes, means there could be some Beesly family members showing up, as this casting notice also indicated.
  • Pam probably has a wedding dress, as long as it gets approved. Fischer had just been to the fitting before she arrived for the onset interviews, and she said it was an emotional moment:

    "It was really very special to have this girl who, when I started playing her, just really didn’t quite know who she was, and she wasn't with the right man. And then there I was, standing in this fitting for her dress to the right man."

  • Jim still has some growing up to do, now that he's going to be a dad. "He's going to try to step up," Lieberstein said. "We feel like Jim is a big part of what we're focusing on this year, actually. We feel like this pregnancy and marriage affected him a lot more than anything else in his life. He's been very adolescent."
  • Jim and Pam's baby is set to be born around February — about nine months in real time from when Pam discovered she was pregnant (and, conveniently, during sweeps). Introducing a baby has often been considered a "jump the shark" moment for TV shows, but as far as writer/producer Paul Lieberstein is concerned, The Office is "still a show without a baby," he said: "People have to come to work, and they're not allowed to bring their babies to work — not yet, at least," he said. When asked if we'd be seeing more of Jim and Pam's relationship outside the office, Lieberstein responded, "I think we're going to try to see it in the office."
  • Jim and Pam might not be the only office romance this season. "I would say we've been thinking a lot more about Ed Helms's character and how to bring him out," Lieberstein said. "He has a crush on Erin the receptionist" — though Erin doesn't completely understand that yet.
  • Not finding love? Michael Scott. After saying goodbye to Holly, Michael will be going it alone, at least in the first part of this season.
  • Lieberstein confirmed what BJ Novak told me earlier in the week: more of the storylines this season will be set in the office. When Pam and Jim are on their honeymoon, Michael will be meeting with an Italian gentleman who everyone comes to believe is in the mafia. There will also be a meeting of Dunder Mifflin shareholders at some point.

Do you think a kitschy Niagara Falls wedding is the way for Jim and Pam to go? And do any of these other upcoming storylines intrigue you?

Photos courtesy of NBC

Join The Conversation
smartiez smartiez 7 years
YES! I am super excited for the new season. The mafia storyline sounds hilarious!
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
i think it's nice to have a couple that's actually together and not the suspenseful will they or won't they that most shows have. I also think having her lose the baby is a horrible idea. This is a comedy show
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 7 years
Very excited!
MFOX4 MFOX4 7 years
lose the baby. Have the wedding but lose the baby. lose it early in the pregnancy and then Pam and Jim can go into the hilarious world of fertility medicine in trying to have a baby. They can try for at least two seasons, give up, adopt, and then immediately get pregnant when they stop trying.
DeppObsession DeppObsession 7 years
yay I love The Office .. ready for a new season!!
EML13 EML13 7 years
I'm glad to hear that The Office is focusing on its namesake this season - the actual office. There have been too many out-of-office scenes over the past few seasons that just weren't funny, so I'm hopeful that even with the wedding and baby, the show will remain interesting.
Sarana Sarana 7 years
I'm with annebreal, not too excited for the wedding and baby. Most of the time when the couple gets it together the TV-shows get less interesting.
jamiejane jamiejane 7 years
OH jeez, I'm too excited for this!
annebreal annebreal 7 years
Am I the only one that really isn't feeling this wedding and baby storyline? Most big TV show "couples" have some level of suspense to them, where they don't married until the end of the series. I dunno, I was just hoping there would be more complications and highs and lows for these two, and now that they're adding a baby to the mix, it would be way too depressing to throw any kind of significant wrench into the works. Pam and Jim now to me are just too cute and safe...I'd rather root for a more entertaining couple than the happily ever afters.
swannie swannie 7 years
Who doesn't love PB&J?
jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
Yay, I'm glad there will be more focus on Jim/Pam, and I can't wait for Jim/Pam's wedding! And a kid this season!! I'm so excited. And I really do want Ed/Andy to find someone esp. after what happened with Angela. He's a sweet guy, just awkward lol. Can't wait!
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