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John Carter Trailer: Tim Riggins Is an Interplanetary Warrior

Friday Night Lights fans who have been missing the cast will be happy to see Taylor Kitsch starring in John Carter (formerly known as John Carter of Mars), an epic sci-fi adventure. Kitsch stars as the title character, a human Civil War veteran who gets transported to Mars, where the nations are warring against each other. He's initially a prisoner, but after impressing the alien locals with his considerable strength and talent for fighting fearsome creatures, Carter gets recruited to help fight on the side of the Martian nation of Barsoom, which happens to be headed up by Princess Dejah Thoris, (Lynn Collins), a scantily clad love interest.

Kitsch looks great with his bulging biceps adorned by very little battle attire, but the preview only manages to make the movie look like a knockoff of other films in the genre. From the plot to the appearance of the alien people and giant monsters, there's very little that seems original about John Carter (and come on, there's no way you can cover yourself in blue paint and not force a reference to Braveheart). Still, I'm happy to see Kitsch in the starring role of anything, and Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" playing over the trailer does make it feel a bit more exciting. Watch the preview and see what you think after the break.

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