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John Krasinski Interview For The Office Finale

"I Threw Up in My Mouth" and Other Candid Quotes From John Krasinski

After nine seasons, we're finally bidding adieu to our favorite Scranton residents as The Office ends its run. Not to hurt any feelings, but I have to admit I'm going to miss Jim Halpert the most. Helping with the transition is John Krasinski, who hopped on the phone with reporters to talk about his time on the set of The Office and what the show means to him (hint: a lot). Check out what he had to say about the light at the end of the tunnel for Jim and Pam's relationship, the first time he put his foot in his mouth in front of show creator Greg Daniels, and, of course, the show's final episode, which airs May 16.

  • He dug his own grave before his Office audition: "I told what I thought to be a nameless person who asked if I was nervous to be auditioning that I wasn't nervous for the audition, but I was nervous for the people making [the show] because we have a tendency in America to screw up all the good shows that come over from England, and I don't see how they're gonna make this work. And he said, 'Hi, I'm Greg Daniels,' and I threw up in my mouth."
  • He knows what the saga of Jim and Pam means to people: "There are some people who think they are Jim, there are some people who are looking for a Jim. Playing the Jim-Pam relationship and realizing how important it became to so many people was such an incredible honor that I think there was a small part of my brain that didn't want to let anyone down every single week. I felt like I was given a tremendous responsibility."

Find out what else Krasinski admitted when you read more.

  • He'll miss the show, but there's only one person he'll cry in front of: "I'm saving my tears for Barbara Walters. There's so much to miss. I was a waiter before the show, so what I miss most about this character is way too complexly entwined in my real life. To me, this was a winning lottery ticket, except with a winning lottery ticket you just get money, and with this, you get a whole change of your life, and everything about my life has changed and gotten better and I feel so lucky to be where I am."
  • He's aware of the concern for Jim and Pam's currently rocky relationship: "There's a romantic hope that everything will be OK. They're going to be a little bit more brass tacks as far as getting to understand how this will work. Jim needs to figure out what to do about Philly, and Pam needs to figure out how she feels about Jim doing this for her."
  • Turns out his signature camera faces don't fly everywhere: "I wish I could say I'm professional enough never to look at a camera again on another job, but that's already been blown several times. Bizarrely, on movie sets, they don't really dig it when you look in the camera. The Office's director of photography was like, 'On this scene, when you look to Jenna, give me the number four.' And I always loved thinking that somehow I have gotten it down to a catalog of different looks."
  • He learned what an iPod was in a pretty amazing way: "We actually technically can say that we owe everything to the fans. Our show is so fan-driven in such a specific way, as evidenced by iTunes. People decided they liked the show so much they would pay money to see it. It was incredible. I was walking down the streets of New York [and] someone would stop and say, 'Oh my God, you're on my iPod.' And I was like, 'Two things: what's an iPod, and also what are you talking about?'"
  • He worried about the show ending many times before: "I remember every week being told that this would be the last episode and we weren't going to be able to keep going. I was like, 'Is there any way I can get a DVD of this I can show my mom, 'cause this is definitely the best thing I've ever done.' I actually still have that DVD."
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