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Is Josh Hutcherson Right For the Role of Peeta in The Hunger Games

Buzz Blabber: Hunger Games Fans Sound Off About New Casting

The Hunger Games continued to be a hot topic of conversation in the entertainment world this week, as the two major male leads were made official. Meanwhile, fans were outraged at American Idol's latest castoff and were happy to have The Vampire Diaries back in their lives. Take a look at this week's most talked about topics!

Josh Hutcherson gets mixed reactions to his Hunger Games role

  • "Josh is a fantastic actor. I loved him in The Kids Are All Right, but I definitely did not picture him as Peeta." — smileet147
  • "Josh will be a great Peeta — he has the strong, stocky build just as Peeta is described in the books!" — ChelMarie
  • "I can definitely see the second guy [Liam Hemsworth] alongside Jennifer. Josh...not so much." — littlemunchkin

To see what readers had to say about Idol and The Vampire Diaries, just


Are the new judges screwing up American Idol voting?

  • "I don't think the judges are to blame. American Idol has never been just about talent. People vote for their favorites not who has the most talent. You always hear Ryan say something like 'Don't forget to vote for your favorite' not 'Make sure you vote for the most talented.' She got voted off because people liked some of the other singers more than her." — Gdeeaz
  • "Seriously, it upsets me that they are blaming the audience. They are good judges but when it comes to critiquing, everyone gets the same fluffy critique. This season the judges did an excellent job of choosing the finalist — all are talented but we know who is better. In past seasons the judges made is clear who the favorites were and if the performance was not as good or up to the par of other contestants — they told the contestant. Which leaves the viewers to vote for the person whose performance they enjoyed that evening." — scarlettruby
  • "I think it was a little bit of the judges' fault. I don't watch all that often, but I did watch during Elton John week and noticed that none of the judges had notes for the contestants. Every single person was told they were fantastic and wonderful — even though I heard flat notes and poor enunciation from several contestants. It's not a popularity contest for the judges! I know they want everyone to love them, but to what end?" — limelindsey

Welcome back, Vampire Diaries!

  • "I loved it! I didn't realize how much I was missing this show until I started watching it last night! So good. I do agree with you. I love Kat Graham, but the character Bonnie...can't say I would be too sad to see her go. As long as it's not Caroline. Yeah, the soap dish - that was a bit ridiculous. That's the best hiding place they could come up with?" — mannylove
  • "I wasn't expecting an episode this good after a long break! This show continues to amaze me and be so jaw dropping and keeps you guessing. I don't understand why this show is never up for many awards. Is it because it's on the CW network?" — care0531
  • "Wow this episode was so good! But I don't get the whole thing: is Klaus merely a spirit? The moonstone being in the soapdish made LOL, haha is just so silly."
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