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American Idol: Was the Right Person Voted Off?

Joshua Ledet has been let go of season 11 of American Idol. I don't know about you, but I just overreacted a little bit. My neighbors might come over and check to make sure if I'm all right after the shriek that I let out when Ryan announced Phillip Phillips would be joining Jessica Sanchez at next week's finale. Admittedly, I haven't been championing Joshua over the past couple weeks, but that's just because I figured the judges were doing it so much that I didn't need to. Apparently the soul singer could have used the extra help.

At least we got a couple performances leading into the elimination. I did a double take when I saw Lisa Marie Presley up on the Idol stage, then another one when Adam Lambert showed up, glowing all kinds of neon. It wasn't a bad show, I'm just surprised at the outcome. So was Steven, who, if you didn't catch his reaction, had an "I'm not impressed" look slapped all over his disapproving face. What do you think — was the right person voted off?

Photo courtesy of Fox

TRH37 TRH37 5 years
OMG!!!!! YES!!!!! FINALLY.........It is about time. I couldn't stand him. All he did was scream when he sings. It was very annoying. Then he picked up or tried to pick up Phil's Personality by copying his moves and facial expressions. :(I LOVE PHIL......He's style is NEW and ORIGINAL. He is not trying to be something he isn't .....HE is a GREAT SINGER. He will go far. Jazzy/Blues are coming back. FINALLY. I love his STYLE, PERSONALITY, MOVES, LOOKS.... PHIL HAS IT ALL!!!!!!! HE IS AMAZING!!!!!! xoxo 
Alfred2713596 Alfred2713596 5 years
@ Alfred 2713596 No I am very Disappointed in the voteing of Joshua Ledet off Americia. He was by far the best singer and should have won, and by far certainly deserved to be in th Finale.. Whats thematter Amercia are you colored blind.??. Joshua Ledet wil go far and is already a winner. just as Jennifer Hudson. Joshua your a Aweoooooooooooooooooosome singer. a contract awaits you. congratulations.
Alfred2713596 Alfred2713596 5 years
No I am very DIsappointed in the outcome of Joshua Ledet being voted off.(Shocked) he should have been the Winner, and certainly should have been in the Finalw without Question. Americia whats happening her, this was a Drastic miistake, but Joshua Ledet will do well just as Jennifer Hudson has done. Joshua your a Winner and a AWEoooooooooooooosome Singer. Congratulations in your FUture.
gd101 gd101 5 years
It's a popularity contest. Thanks to the fangirls, Phillip will win. How Sad.
sugrae sugrae 5 years
A tragedy occured last night! I hate to say this but I have to - If he were not brown, he'd of been crowned AI winner for season 11. That's just the way it is. It pained me to see him voted off last night. I truly hope and pray that he gets a record deal and takes America by storm.
aeryn aeryn 5 years
No way. Joshua was the best singer AI has seen in a long time. Jessica should have been the one to go. At least Phillip is definitely going to win. I do like him. But out of all the AI contestants, ever, I would only buy Joshua's albums. And I plan to follow his career. He's a doll and an amazing singer.
Marsha2711063 Marsha2711063 5 years
I think it was a very bad decision. He was best singer
1317170 1317170 5 years
hell no and I am so piss  america got it so wrong
Daphnemcl Daphnemcl 5 years
I'm really depressed about Joshua being voted off.  He was unbelievably great!  A total joy to watch.  I'll miss the visuals as much as his singing, because he was really entertaining.  If skinny, little, bucktoothed Jessica wins and pops up on TV all the time I'll really be annoyed.
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