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Can We Please Recast Something Borrowed, Something Blue?

The following post is from community member Shannoninsf, who posted it in The Book Club group.

I'd heard that they were making Emily Giffin's chick lit book Something Borrowed and its sequel Something Blue into movies, so I figured I'd read them. I started reading after Ginnifer Goodwin was announced as Rachel, so I envisioned her throughout, and wound up thinking she was a good fit. However, by the time I got to Something Blue, I found that Kate Hudson would be playing Darcy and I instantly hated the idea.

Besides the book's physical description of Darcy (dark hair, olive skin, drop dead gorgeous), I just don't see Hudson in the part. She's already played the bitchy BFF in Bride Wars, and she was entirely unsympathetic in that, so I don't see her pulling off the transition from mean girl to nice girl like Darcy does in Something Blue. And I definitely can't see her meshing with John Krasinski, who plays her love interest. If I were the casting director, these would be my suggestions: Olivia Wilde, Lake Bell, Becki Newton, or Jordana Brewster. Who would you rather see as Darcy?

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sugerbaby061092 sugerbaby061092 6 years
I actually read something borrowed like 4 times before the movie came out and I loved kate hudson as darcy, shes an amazing actress and a snooty blonde is exactly what i see darcy as even though the physical description of her was way different in the book.
heytherefella heytherefella 6 years
I thought odette yustman or rose byrne would be good for darcy... she needs to be tall in my opinion
passions40 passions40 6 years
I thought Krasinski would be playing Marcus, to be honest!
passions40 passions40 6 years
A lot of you guys sound like a bunch of jealous schoolgirls. To be honest, I hadn't read the book before knowing who was in the cast, so it was easy for me to picture Hudson as Darcy, even though the book says she is blonde. Hudson pulls off the role very well, and I read her in both parts very easily. What was not easy was picturing John Krasinski as Ethan who is blond with blue eyes! How come no one is jumping on that fact?! However, I think he made a very convincing Ethan in Borrowed and will make a great Ethan in Blue. But Hudson will pull off the second part easily as a mixture of her character from Bride Wars and she CAN be sympathetic as she was in Penny Lane in Almost Famous. I think she is very charming and it was hard for me to dislike her in Something Borrowed, but that goes for the book for me too.
grherring08 grherring08 6 years
After watching the movie and HATING Kate Hudson because she is just an all around horrible actress who lacks the ability to sympathize, the only person I could see replacing her because of her diverse talent would be Reese Witherspoon, however if we are replacing Hudson in comparison to the Darcy description in the book I could easily suggest Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, Mandy Moore, and possibly Anne Hathaway.
ashleycakes ashleycakes 7 years
When I read these books, I was picturing someone like Megan Fox. I think she would be perfect in this role because she doesn't *exactly* go that great with John Kraskinski, but isn't that the point of the books? That Darcy finds love with someone she wouldn't have expected? I think Kate Hudson is too old for this part, but Ginnifer Goodwin is a great casting choice for Rachel it think.
ashleyheatherr ashleyheatherr 7 years
Ahh! Really? I hope so! I read Something Barrowed in 2007 and Something Blue in 2008 and I really liked them.
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