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Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" Music Video

Watch Katy Perry as an Old Woman in "The One That Got Away" Video

We're used to seeing Katy Perry in outrageous outfits — think cupcake bra in the "California Gurls" video and yellow cube hat at this year's MTV VMAs — but wrinkles? The normally fresh-faced actress is transformed into an elderly woman in the video for her latest song "The One That Got Away." A gray-haired Perry cries over memories of an ex-boyfriend, but the video isn't all tears and shots of an old Perry. We still get to see Perry as a hot young thing in flashback scenes of her romance with her painter boyfriend, the equally hot Diego Luna, who serves as eye candy throughout much of the video. Make sure you watch until the end, when you get to find out why Luna was the one that got away, and if you're a total sap like me, you might even find yourself on the verge of tearing up.

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