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"The Knights of Prosperity": Off the Air, but Still Funny

"The Knights of Prosperity": Off the Air, but Still Funny

"The Knights of Prosperity" is gone from ABC's schedule, but the comedy may not be dead yet. It hasn't been officially canceled, and according to Variety, some of ABC's higher-ups are fans, which might give it a shot at a second season. Plus, some fans are rallying around the show too. It was one of my favorite comedies this year, so I hope it gets more time to find an audience.

Nine episodes of "Knights" aired, some clips from the unaired episodes have turned up on YouTube. I chuckled at the one where Squatch sabotages a movie shoot with Ed Burns. But my hands-down favorite involves intern Louis Plunk making a movie trailer in an attempt to get a job at a production company. The fake movie, Higher Powers, stars Eugene Gurkin (Donal Logue) as an alcoholic superhero named Midnight Justice who has resorted to using his laser eyes to cook drugs in an alley when his friends stage an intervention. Come for the Mystery Men-style superheroes, stay for the spot-on movie trailer references. To watch the video,

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ENoel ENoel 10 years
Donal Logue is too funny and it is sad that his shows keep missing. I loved him in Grounded for Life and Knights. Aw well. Tear.
popjunky77 popjunky77 10 years
At least AD got 3 seasons out of it, even if they were on the chopping block the entire time. But to cancel "Knights" after only about 6 episodes....unfair. Phil, I hope "In Case of Emergency" isn't next in line --- that show is GOOD, and the only thing on ABC I still watch regularly.
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
I agree guys! sad that shows like these and Arrested development are canceled but other stay on....
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
I agree with Phil- if According to Jim is still on the air and Arrested Development gets pulled, there is something wrong with the universe. Every time I saw The Knights of Prosperity I LMAO.
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
Maybe they will throw this up on Cancelled but Brilliant and air it anyways!!
Phil Phil 10 years
I can't believe this show gets "cancelled" which is so genuinely funny, and shows like The War at Home and 'til Death and According to Jim get to stay on. Yeah, bad ratings I suppose. bah! It's another Arrested Development. Next good show to go: In Case of Emergency, and then Andy Barker: PI. :(
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