It's been 10 years since Laguna Beach came into our lives, but Lauren Conrad and her crew still represent the perfect high school group in our minds. Granted, not all of us got to grow up in a picture-perfect beach town with our stunningly beautiful friends, but we all somewhat identified with at least one member of the group. Still not convinced? Take our quiz below to find out which member of Laguna Beach you were when you were in your teen years, and then be sure to check out what the Laguna Beach (and The Hills!) cast is up to now.

Source: Getty / J. Merritt

Pick an early-2000s item of clothing.

Why would your parents get mad at you?

My girlfriend/boyfriend was always around.
My parents would never get mad at me.
I skipped school to go to a protest.
I was too distracted by love problems.
I got too many bad grades.
I was always using the phone line for AIM.
I missed dinner to go on a date.
I ditched school to go surfing.
I was at a party with alcohol (but I didn't drink).

What were you voted in the yearbook?

I wasn't voted anything.
Most likely to become famous.
Most talkative.
Best smile.
Biggest flirt.
Best couple (with my then-ex).
Most fashionable.
Most gullible.
Party animal.

When you were in high school, you wanted to grow up to be a . . .

Political activist
Pro surfer
Talk-show host
Fashion designer

After school, you would be found . . .

At practice.
At Starbucks.
At my job at the local boutique.
Glued to AIM.
Collecting signatures.
At my crush's house.
Skateboarding in the parking lot.
Doing homework.
At my best friend's house, eating.

Your most recent Instagram photo was of what?

A cupcake.
My lovely parents.
My baby.
My best friend.
The ocean.
Me on a roof in Brooklyn.
My crush of the moment.
Platform stilettos.
My significant other.

My most overused phrase in high school was . . .


People in high school accused you of being what?

A boyfriend-stealer.
A stoner.
Stuck up.
A cheater.
A prude.
A tattletale.
A gossip.
A poser.
Someone who was dating out of my league.

In high school, you were listening to . . .