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There are just a few hours left before The Big Press Conference announcing the winners of this year's Golden Globes. While it certainly won't be as fun or interesting as past Globes shows, at least we'll finally find out who won!

This also means you still have a few hours to submit your predictions for the winners with my online Golden Globes ballot. Once all your predictions are entered, you're qualified to win a full year of entertainment! Better do it now, though — the ballot closes at noon PST today.

Want to see my predictions for who and what will win this year's Golden Globes? Just


Buzz's 2008 Golden Globe Predictions:


DRAMATIC PICTURE: No Country for Old Men
Not only was this one of my top 10 favorite movies of the year, it's been steadily cleaning up in the awards circuit.

While I wish Juno or Sweeney Todd would win this one, Charlie Wilson's War may take the award for its mix of world politics, an engaging screenplay and well-loved big-name actors.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
This is a tough one, for each of the nominees has something big going for it (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days won at Cannes for example), but Diving Bell seems to be most buzzed about overall.

BEST DIRECTOR: Julian Schnabel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

BEST DRAMATIC ACTOR: Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood
The actors in this category each delivered arresting performances in his own way, but Day Lewis seems to have left both critics and audiences positively awestruck.

BEST DRAMATIC ACTRESS: Angelina Jolie, A Mighty Heart
Several of the actresses in this category had difficult roles to play, but Jolie's is the only one that was a real-life person the world came to know through agonizing news reports. If nothing else, it may go to Jolie because many people have a soft spot for Mariane Pearl.

BEST ACTOR, COMEDY OR MUSICAL: Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd
This may be wishful thinking since Tom Hanks has a great shot at this win as well, but for whatever reason, I have a feeling Depp's performance as the highly disturbed Sweeney Todd will be deemed the most delightful (well, delightful and sick, but mostly delightful).

Though Enchanted was a fun movie for a few reasons, really it was Amy Adams who carried the whole thing, infusing every minute of her time onscreen with humor and a kind of giddy light.

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men
Bardem is on a serious winning streak at the awards shows, and frankly, he deserves the win more than any of the other nominees this year (certainly more than John Travolta for Hairspray, come on!)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Cate Blanchett, I'm Not There
Folks who liked I'm Not There loved Blanchett's performance, and those who hated I'm Not There said Blanchett was one of the few redeeming factors. A part of me wishes Amy Ryan would win for Gone Baby Gone but my guts are saying it'll be Blanchett.

ANIMATED FILM: Ratatouille
Don't get me wrong — as a long-time fan of the show, I loved The Simpsons Movie. But if I may be honest here, Ratatouille is, frankly, a better feature film. It just is.

BEST SCREENPLAY: The Coen Bros., No Country for Old Men
This one is tough to predict. Diablo Cody has gotten accolades out the wazoo for her Juno screenplay but comedies are traditionally less rewarded than dramas in this category. Also, the Coen Bros. screenplay is deserving of top praise.

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Dario Marianelli, Atonement
If nothing else, this is the one I hope wins, as I think Marianelli's score was a huge part of the storytelling in Atonement. Out of all the nominees in this category, this is the only score I remember noticing and liking while watching the movie.

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: "Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder, Into the Wild
This is the one that really gets everyone's tear ducts working overtime. If you don't know what I mean, check out the music video for "Guaranteed."


This one's a tough call for me between House — which has had its most creative season to date — and Mad Men, last summer's critical darling. But I suspect voters will reward Mad Men's strong writing, excellent performances, and precision in capturing a particular time and place in American culture.

No, all the awards in the world won't get more people to watch this gem of a comedy. That doesn't mean the show doesn't regularly make me laugh till I cry. Plus, between Alec Baldwin's relatively surprising Globe win last year and the show's strong showing at the Emmys, voters seem to love it.

BEST ACTOR, TV DRAMA: Michael C. Hall, Dexter
This one seems to me like a three-way race between Hall, Hugh Laurie, and Jon Hamm. But Laurie already has a couple of Globes, and it seems past time for Hall to be recognized for playing one of the most unusual characters on television.

Gervais' Emmy win last Fall was a bit of a surprise, but I would be less shocked to see him take this award home — especially if voters had the chance to see Gervais' truly outstanding comedic and dramatic work in the Extras series finale.

BEST ACTRESS, TV DRAMA: Glenn Close, Damages
This is one of the strongest categories of the awards, so it's a very tough call. But Close gave one of the year's most compelling, mystifying performances as the ruthless Patty Hewes. Her shifts from nice to evil and back again always kept me guessing.

BEST ACTRESS, TV COMEDY: Christina Applegate, Samantha Who?
Samantha Who? isn't the best comedy on television right now, but that's not for lack of trying on Applegate's part. She works incredibly hard, yet manages to look like she never breaks a sweat.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Donald Sutherland, Dirty Sexy Money
This show has been uneven at times, but Sutherland consistently hits the perfect tone as the patriarch of the sprawling, spoiled rotten Darling clan.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy
Frankly, this prediction owes more to momentum than anything else. It just seems to be Heigl's year.

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Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I like your picks, Buzz. We agree on most. I do hope you're right about Mad Men, Michael C. Hall, Glenn Close and Donald Sutherland; each gave amazing performances this year, though I'd be happy with a Hugh Laurie or Jon Hamm win as well.
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