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It's nothing officially official yet, but word from UK source The Mail on Sunday is that the seventh and last Harry Potter book will turn into two movies instead of one. While the obvious reason for this would be that Warner Bros. stands to make even more gazillions of dollars with a Harry Potter 7 and a Harry Potter 8, the article claims that "sources insist the reason behind the two-movie plan is artistic rather than financial." Here's more:

A film source said: "There's so much to fit that the view is the last movie should be in two halves. There is a huge battle when Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, takes on Voldemort that needs to be done really well." And Ms. Rowling points out on her website: "It is simply impossible to incorporate every storyline into a film under four hours long."

Damn straight! The books always pack in way more than what ends up in the movies, so this seems like the only satisfying way to complete the film series. Besides, I suppose if you're going to go out with a bang, you may as well make two big bangs, right? What do you think about two final Harry Potter movies?

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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respectful respectful 9 years
Definetely Not. There is nothing worse than two parts. I don't want it to have a "To Be Continued" feel to it. And how many months are they going to wait for that "second part", probably a whole darn year. Get real WB. One Movie that is 21/2 to 3 hours long will suffice. Not everything in the book is important.
MuggleCrazed MuggleCrazed 9 years
Anything but the Horcrux Hunt. DO NOT ALLITERATE!! IT"S CHEESY!!!!
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
LaLa, you and I must be thinking alike. I came up with a couple of possibilites Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - The search for Horcruxes Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - the final battle Heck, I should be a screenwriter. Yeah, as long as someone gives me the ideas, the book and writes it for me, I could do it! LOL!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
that would be cool but what would they call the movies? Harry Potter Book 7 Part 1 and Harry Potter Book 7 Part 2??
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
I think it would be great if they made it into two films. I've been irritated with the last films cutting out what I find to be some of the more important characters and aspects of the books. Such as, house elves (Kreacher, Dobby, Winky) played a HUGE part of the books. Dobby was the one that found the room of requirement in OOTP, not Neville. It was Dobby that warned them when Umbridge was going to get in there. Just so many discrepancies and it made the films lose something for me. If they stuck a little closer to the book in the final installment, it would be great. I want to see how they recreate the Gringott's break-in, or the attack during the wedding, or even Voldemort almost catching Harry & Hermione in Godrics hollow. I like to see if my imagination fits with the producers and film makers imaginations. When they cut scenes like this out, the entire film loses something. Of course, I'm worse than most trekkies when it comes to this Series. I've read each book probably 9 times. In fact I'm finishing the last one for the 9th time again now.
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
The only significant things they have cut out would be what? The occasional Quidditch match (not important except for the first Snitch that Harry caught which has been established in the first film), Hermione's whole SPEW House Elf pride (but the most important idea that House Elves are treated unfairly by the Wizarding World was definitely established with Dobby in the 2nd film). I really don't think they've left out anything that is SO significant that the entire series hinges on it. We will have to see how good a job they do with the 6th film because it is VERY important in setting up the end with Snape, Voldemort's past, and of course the Horcruxes. I think the fact that Steve kloves is back as sceenwriter for the last 2 films, is a very good sign, because the writer for OotP did a very poor job.
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
JessNess - I know, that would have been a huge mistake if they had left that out, but obviously at the time they didn't realize what a significant role Kreacher would have in book 7 because it hadn't been released and so JKR wisely stepped in to advise. But whatever else they've had to leave out will probably not have a huge effect in the ending of the story or otherwise JKR probably would have told them that they were screwing themselves over like they almost did with the Kreacher plot.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
great idea. i can't wait!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I love the idea, and they better get a move on before the actress playing Minerva is too frikkin old to kill anyone in the final battle.....
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
I like the idea, but then they should have split up POA, GOF, OTTP, and HBP as well. Those movies also omitted a great deal from the books that I would have like to have seen.
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
This was the most exciting news of my day!! Bring on a double feature!!
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
I'm with you jennifer76!!!
jflutterjess jflutterjess 9 years
WOO HOO! I am so excited about this. I Love harry Potter!
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Sounds good to me. I think 5 was especially unsatisfying in terms of what it left out and how much it missed. Shoot, while they're at it they may as well make 6 into two movies, too. :D
RyanRachelFan RyanRachelFan 9 years
After I heard about this it became even more clear to me, that it is impossible to make a satisfying film of book 7, you have to split it! It would be great for the story, and I think the fans (including me) will be thrilled to have another Potter movie to look forward to. I am only afraid that Emma Watson plans of college will interfere with this.
MichMirags MichMirags 9 years
The more Harry Potter, the better, i say
CupcakeGal10 CupcakeGal10 9 years
This idea makes total sense, both from an artistic and financial point of view! After I read this book I was so puzzled as to how they were going to fit everything into a 2 hour film, and I'm glad to see they're considering spending extra time on Rowling's brilliant work!
AlleyValley AlleyValley 9 years
oooooh 2 movies aye? sounds good enough to me
sleekeasy sleekeasy 9 years
harry potter 7 better be 7 hours long!! i honestly wouldn't mind it being that long. we'll just have to wait and see what they decide to do with it.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
riverchild- They actually do cut out important plot lines in the movies. The 5th movie was probably the worst in terms of how much was cut out. They were going to completely cut out the story line of Kreacher the house elf but J.K. Rowling put a stop to it since he was so essential to the last book. I want to know what they are doing for the 6th movie specially since it is the same director as the 5th one. I think the 6th has sooo much important plot that they are going to have to be extremely careful about what they cut out
fadedblue fadedblue 9 years
As much people want it to be otherwise, they'll probably space out the release dates by a year. I can see them filming both at the same time (for the actors' sakes I hope they do!) and then releasing them a year apart, a la LOTR. If they release them too close together, they run the risk of overshadowing one by not letting the buzz completely play out. Not an obsessive fan of the franchise but it's entertaining. I'd see them just b/c it's the last book.
jennajen jennajen 9 years
Good idea. Though I'd seriously sit through a seven hour Harry Potter movie to see it done right. :) I might get my chance even if it's broken up. And I agree, it better not be released a year between one another.
lovealways lovealways 9 years
Sure, Warner Bros. is going to make a lot of money by splitting it, but they're also making lots of fans very very happy, myself included :D
Kazagirl Kazagirl 9 years
That is the most amazing news ever. As long as they don't make us wait forever to see the second half.
sweetnshy5282 sweetnshy5282 9 years
I def. wouldn't mind seeing the movie split into 2 parts. I am a ig fan and sometimes am disappointed by the material missed in the movies. I think that most fans would sit through a longer movie or even 2 movies in order to get the full story line. I'm all for it!
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