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Leighton Meester and Amber Heard to Star in Cowgirl Bandits as Young Thelma and Louise

Leighton Meester and Amber Heard: Young Thelma & Louise?

Blair Waldorf is about to take to the open road: Leighton Meester is set to team up with Amber Heard for Cowgirl Bandits, a movie that's described as "a young version of Thelma and Louise."

Before you cry sacrilege, this isn't necessarily a remake — it's quite vague, but it sounds like the ladies may just be playing the same character types . . . or it could be a prequel.

That said, I'm also not hating this news, because I'm a fan of both actresses and think they might have great chemistry. Big question: who's going to be their Brad Pitt?

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billyart101 billyart101 7 years
LOVE IT. Is the idea of it being a prequel actually on the table? Because that's a little much, and of course we know Thelma and Louise didn't know each other before Louise left Texas. As much as I like Leighton, I'm thinking they could get more interesting actresses. I don't even know that other girl.
LadyMaverick LadyMaverick 7 years
Channing Tatum! I think he's on his way to being the Brad Pitt of this decade, plus he's not too old for either of them.
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
I also love both of these two actresses dearly - particularly because they both are actually talented. I would be interested in seeing this; Thelma & Louise is one of those movies that I find to be fun and a cult classic but it's no Casablanca and I would not be offended by it being remade. I do think a prequel would be the best idea, though; and I would look forward to seeing the result...
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