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Why Life Unexpected Should Be Renewed: Buzz Fans Speak

The CW scored with midseason family drama Life Unexpected, and Buzz readers in particular have championed the show throughout its run. Now that the season finale has aired, I asked you to tell me why you thought Life Unexpected deserved a second season, and boy, did you guys have a lot to say! Check out some great arguments from Buzz readers:

  • "LUX inspires us to be real and honest and accept life. I was especially moved by episode 1.12; this show reminds us that life isn't glamorous sometimes, that it can be hard and hurtful, but that the unexpected goodness makes it all worthwhile. I personally find that repeated concept to be a message of great merit and therefore deserving of an hour of my time." — fineapple13
  • "Life Unexpected is the only show of its kind that airs right now. It's fresh, funny and genuinely awesome. The cast is very talented and it's obvious that they get on well. This show is really different for the other teenage shows, like Gossip Girl or 90210 with rich kids getting in trouble, it explores another dimension. It's different, it's great, it's beautiful and it's deserves a second season for us to continue watching Lux, Cate and Baze grow up and make real stupid and funny mistakes." — ohmaryg
  • "Because this show is great on different levels and because I want to see Kate and Baze together." — lilibooh

To see a couple more great reasons, just


  • "I absolutely agree Life Unexpected should get a second season. I've watched from the premiere and it's gotten better as the season has progressed. It's an unconventional family unit, but the portrayal of all the lead actors make it intensely interesting and believable to watch. Most of all, I enjoy 'visiting' with Cate, Ryan, Lux and Baze each week. Bring them back!" — LonePalm
  • "I love Life Unexpected because they give me that cozy sensation tv used to bring, the feeling that you belong with these people, that you identify with them...they are lovable and familiar. I absolutely enjoy the hour they are on and finish in such a tender and warm mood. I started trying to follow with reservations and all of the sudden I was completely engrossed in that strange family structure. I feel like I'm Lux, going from uncomfortable at first with some strangers, to loving these unconventional people that makes you feel like home and family is still a possibility." — Camille1414
  • "I love LUX, been watching it every week. It has great characters, it's sweet, funny, dramatic and I agree for those of us in our mid-late 20's its a reminiscent of the good 'ol pre-CW WB days. Looking forward to season 2!" — becauseiloveit
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GleekQuick GleekQuick 7 years
I need Life Unexpected to come back! Cate & Baze have to end up together. I can't bare the thought of it ending the way it did.
Lampaaa Lampaaa 7 years
I love this show, and I love all the new tension between the characters about feelings and they're not always fighting anymore. However, even though it'd be nice to see them all as a family, I LOOOVEEE Ryan and don't want Kate and him to split for Baze, but I still love Baze and don't want him to go all dark side if she doesn't choose him.
rossy rossy 7 years
Great that you like the show, but I have to ask you - Have any of you emailed the network about bringing it back? I read that it's not looking good because of low ratings... So, don't make the mistake of praising it here & on similar blogs & expect Network execs to be spending their time searching celebrity blogs for references about reactions to any of their shows. - Most networks like to get feedback directly from fans, especially re: low rated shows i.e. Jericho. It too was a "loser" ratings' wise but the fans it did have were passionate in their efforts to bring it back - It may not have lasted as long as it should have, but at least it was given another chance or 2 (after switch to another network) before it was finally canceled. - Go to the CW's website & find the "Feedback" button - Make your voices heard!
canadiangurl canadiangurl 7 years
i love the show! cuz this time it's about family getting back together not breaking apart.
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