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Lindsay Lohan SNL Promos

Lindsay Lohan Pokes Fun at Herself in New SNL Promos

Many of us were scratching our heads when we learned that Lindsay Lohan will be returning to SNL as host, but these promos are giving me hope that the troubled actress might be able to bring some laughs on Saturday. Though Lohan looks a bit different than she did back in her glory days, she hasn't lost her big smile or her comedic timing. As an added bonus, she and Kenan Thompson spend a fair amount of time making fun of the fact that her career has taken the backseat to her private life in recent years. Watch!

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sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
Of course I'm going to watch Lindsay on SNL.  So far she had a successful interview with Matt Lauer this week.  And by successful, I mean she remembered to whip the white powder off her nose and her alcohol monitor managed to stay silent.’s-been-sober…for-a-long-time/
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
She looks so old in this promotional video! What happened to her lips and her cheeks?
BlackKitty BlackKitty 5 years
What is wrong with her face? Her cheeks look fake! *shake head* 
gd101 gd101 5 years
I hope she does well! I'm excited for Jack White!
Lizzie-Fuhr Lizzie-Fuhr 5 years
Can't wait to see her host! I think she'll be great.
fresh1721 fresh1721 5 years
Yes I think  her blush job is awful...i hoping it's that and not her face. But i'm pretty sure it's the face.
mollymoreen mollymoreen 5 years
she may end up being good but man is her face messed up.  she had such a pretty face before, why did she do anything to it!
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