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Lipstick Jungle, Knight Rider Premiere Online Today

If you're wondering whether Lipstick Jungle or Knight Rider will earn a spot on your Fall TV viewing schedule, you won't have to wait till their TV premieres next week to find out. Both shows are premiering online today as part of an NBC plan to get shows into online viewers' hands early.

Lipstick and Knight Rider are just two of the shows NBC is premiering this way; Chuck, Life, and 30 Rock will also be up on NBC's website a week before their premiere dates. Hulu and Amazon Unbox are also getting early looks at some NBC shows.

I'm never sure whether an early online broadcast is a good move or just silly. On the one hand, it could help build buzz for shows if people who watch online like what they see. On the other, it has to cut into broadcast ratings, at least somewhat. Do you think you'll check out either show? To watch some scenes from the season premiere of Lipstick, just


Photos courtesy of NBC

rubiene rubiene 9 years
the second season 1st episode of LIPSTICK JUNGLE was a surprise. a little faster and more scene takes so there are more story in one episode! and A LOT MORE FUNNIER.LOL. PEOPLE must understand that the first season the writings were a bit shaky because of the WRITERS STRIKES and now they are back and the wrote a better script! MUST WATCH season this time. ROSIE was funny and intriguing-her character! so is NICO'S HUSBAND -his story. that was shocking to me! GREAT and LIPSTICK JUNGLE this time around is better and has a stronger solid story!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 9 years
I just watched the season premiere of Season Two and I was really pleasantly surprised. NIco's storyline was the perfect blend of suspense, emotional weight and poignant sadness mixed with humor. The other two storylines were kinda lame but I just love looking at Lindsey Price's exotic beauty and all three ladies are super good actresses, which is pretty refreshing. Thanks for the tip Buzz!
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
i so wanted to like LJ, but i just couldnt get into it
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
csu — try clicking here, and then click on the green headline that says "Watch it now" for whichever show you want to watch. That should take you to it. Just in case, the Hulu direct link for Knight Rider is here. The Lipstick Hulu link doesn't seem to be up yet, but here's the Amazon link.
CheleBelle CheleBelle 9 years
Okay. So I watched season 1 on LIPSTICK...glad to see Kirby made it through to this season. Not pleased to see Nico's husband still hanging's hoping the send his character off towards the Light. As for Joe and Victory let's see how long she can keep him at arms length...and still regain conttol of her company. Just from the previews...have no real feel for Rosie Perez one way or another. However, I am looking forward to the presence of Carlos Ponce...between him and Robert Buckley as Kirby season 2 should hopefully make LIPSTICK and even better guilty pleasure.
csu21287 csu21287 9 years
Buzz, are they premiering today or tonight online? I cant seem to find the new episode online yet and was wondering if any one knew what time, it would be great to watch on my lunch break...
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I like Lipstick Jungle. I can't really remember where they left off last season though.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
is Lipstick Jungle any good?
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
that's kind of cool that the shows will debut online - but i have to say that i haven't heard this being promoted at all so if i hadn't read buzz today i would have missed out. i've been REALLY excited for LJ to come back on tv and if i can catch it tonight online - then that's even better for me!
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