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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode 11, "Indecent Exposure"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode 11, "Indecent Exposure"

This week's episode of Lipstick Jungle really made me sad that things aren't looking good for the show's future. It wasn't that the episode was so good on its own, necessarily — it just set into motion a lot of interesting stories, like Nico's maternal impulses and Wendy's faltering marriage, that I'm not sure we'll get to see through to the end. Ready to talk about it? Just


  • First of all — this started bugging me last week, but when did Shane become so evil? Did I, like Wendy, just like him better when he was the slightly subservient househusband? He's being such a jerk these days! I get that he thinks it's time to focus on his career for a change, and I understand why he'd be a little surprised at not getting support from Wendy considering she's the one who pushed him to work. But still, read your son a bedtime story, OK?
  • Also, even though the writers don't seem to know what to do with characters in stable relationships, I think I liked it better when at least one marriage on the show was relatively happy.
  • And really — going on tour for months on end with Natasha Bedingfield and your teenage-ish manager who's kind of in love with you, without asking your wife? Who does that? Though Maddie's reaction is pretty fantastic: "Oh my gosh, she opened for Justin Timberlake. Do I get to meet him?"
  • Anyway, Nico's forging ahead with her motherhood plan, enlisting Wendy to help teach her how to give herself injections ("if you'd feel more comfortable, there's a cat hospital down the block") and feeling kind of miserable as the hormones make her hot and shaky. I was initially surprised Nico was going the baby route so quickly, but this story makes sense to me. She doesn't know what she wants, so she's just trying to keep her options open.
  • Despite the fact that we've hardly seen her design clothing, Victory is apparently branching out into home furnishings and pitches an ad with a naked woman lounging in some sheets. Great — except the woman is supposed to be Victory. She freaks out a little, first taking the moral stance ("why would I objectify myself just to sell bed linens?") and then the "I just . . . don't like nudity" stance. I love her friends pointing out all her nudity hangups, including that she never showers at the gym and wears a bathing suit in the sauna.
  • Maybe my favorite scene is Roy walking in on Victory as she's tentatively disrobing in the store and immediately babbling "I didn't see anything! Honestly!" He's adorable.
  • But this whole experience makes Victory think she needs to be bolder, so she hires Kirby for the photo shoot, has a drink, fumbles around with a cigarette, and eventually discovers that nudity is liberating.
  • So liberating that she shows up at Joe's place dressed like Audrey Hepburn! And makes martinis! And tells him she would have married him! And totally sleeps with him on his sheets made of clouds!
  • Meanwhile, Nico passes out in the office and Griffin takes her home, where he's surprisingly, adorably sweet. For all his cutthroat nonsense, he can be a pretty understanding person, and he tells Nico not to make the mistakes he did and commit only to work.
  • And Wendy tells Shane she'd like to see a marriage counselor, and he's all "yeah, sure" and then tells Josie he'll do the tour. Whatever, jerkface.

Do you think Victory will really propose to Joe? Can anyone help me see Shane's side of all this? And are Nico and Griffin getting all flirty? What did you think?

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bunnyOhare bunnyOhare 8 years
I saved my RSS link to this entry and promptly forgot to come and post - so I'm really late to the party! I don't think Kirby & Nico would work for the long term. The age difference is so big, they are at different places in life and want different things. I think they are using the baby angle because it's the easiest way to demonstrate that. ilanac13 - the amount of injections depends on the medication prescribed, etc. When I was doing my IVF, I did injections twice daily, but I did at least 2 injections during each time frame. For example, Lupron and Gonal-F in the morning, then Gonal-F and Menopur at night. Later in the process, I stopped Lupron but added progesterone in oil injections. It's a complicated process but I am (was?) hopeful that LJ will be at least somewhat realistic since Brooke went through it in real life.
junglefeverk junglefeverk 8 years
FANS! ACTIVELY show your support for this show so it is not canceled! Here are a few DAILY ACTIONS for you to do: 1. Email NBC as many times as you think of it! The more the better! 2. Visit the NBC board to post an encouraging comment! 3. Watch old episodes of LJ on the website - even in the background as you are doing other things on the computer 4. Shop or "window shop" Lipstick Jungle on their site - click on the "shop" link on the toolbar for more info. 5. Resolve to send something by postal mail every day as you are able - to the execs. Try sending tubes of lipstick or simple letters that are sealed w/ a kiss! The addresses are Mr. Ben Silverman 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608 Mr. Jeff Zucker 30 Rockerfeller Plaza Suite 2502-E New York, NY 10112 6. Spread the word. Speak well of the show and encourage people to check it out online. If you hook a new fan, tell them about the campaign.
jimpolandy jimpolandy 8 years
I loved the actor that plays Griffin when he was on Las Vegas and he has charmed me again in Lipstick Jungle. I'm so mad and sad that they aren't going to keep making this show. I enjoy it so much. I laugh and cry in most episodes. I'm happy that at least if it is going to end that Victory and Joe are together.
Susanna Susanna 8 years
I liked the show better when it was more about their work and trying to stay on top of the game. There's too much baby stuff now. I can sort of see why Shane's doing this. He supported Wendy all those years, being a stay at home dad, and now he feels it's his turn to shine. And he's always seemed like a kind of impulsive character, so I could definitely see him saying yes to the tour without telling Wendy first. But that said, the writing for this character change was very abrupt. And of course I liked him better when he was nice, rather than a complete douchebag. And what are Wendy and Shane doing for money? She's not working, and he's not bringing in big bucks. But yay for Joe and Victory!
finetuneit finetuneit 8 years
I hate what they've done with Shane lately as well. But I honestly think this was always the plan. I downloaded the original pilot episode from the net at the beginning of this year (can't remember the exact date, I still have it though) and the character wasn't even played by Paul Blackthorne. And in the episode, he and Wendy have a fight (about work etc) and he walks out. He later sends her a text message saying he wants a divorce. Then the girls share the champagne on the rooftop at the end like in the aired first episode where Wendy is upset that her marriage is in trouble (it's the exact same scene, not a reshoot). It kinda didn't work in the aired version but it does if you've seen the original. I gather the network wanted some sort of stable relationship on the show and told them to cut this part from the aired series. Afterall, we had Nico cheating on her husband with Kirby and an uncertain relationship blossoming between Joe and Victory. But I wonder if maybe they're going to let the original story line play out somewhat. Therefore Wendy may need to get used to being a single parent. That is pure speculation on my part and I hate what they're doing with Shane. I liked him as the nice guy. What does everyone think?
jadenirvana jadenirvana 8 years
I am rooting for Nico and Griffin. Total power couple! Kirby was gorgeous but he just didn't really add much to the show. Also want Shane and Wendy to make up, I agree their happy relationship is cuter to watch. Victory and Joe bring a lot of fresh sexiness to contrast the other two. So sad, don't cancel it! I do also agree I'm a little over the baby storylines tho. It's NBC, not TLC! Bring back the high-power career drama and the glossy office, k thanks.
Nicky5 Nicky5 8 years
Yeah I'm really starting to not like Shane.He is a jerkface.I miss the old Shane.Also I don't wan Nico to date Griffin I want her to get back together with Kirby.They made such a good couple.Why does she have to be so obsessed with having a baby!I was so excited for Victory and Joe I think they make a really cute couple and I hope that they do get marries!I just can't believe people don't watch this show it's so awesome!Don't cancel it pleasseeee!!! :(
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 8 years
I am happy about Victory and Joe. Yay! I love Nico and Kirby together. They are so freaking steamy and the chemistry is AMAZING, yet I saw something coming with Griffin a couple shows ago and they have good chemistry too. Shane is an ass. I never liked him, but Wendy kinda annoys me too, so whatever? I do not think...I hope they do not cancel this show because it is sooooo good. I think they just need to find the right time slot for it. I am home on Fridays because I am married with an 11 yr old, but for singles and people who go out on weekends, they would just not be home to find out how awesome it is.
emms emms 8 years
Lets not forget Shane's good moments- like when he held Wendy when she was bawling about losing her sweet. He is obviously acting like a total d-bag because he has extreme blue balls from wanting to have sex with his agent who is a skank.
hope2be hope2be 8 years
Oh man, Shane's behavior changed overnight or something. Although I can understand the excuse of being resentful in his wife's shadow or whatnot, the writers or whomever don't exactly do great by just springing his eeeevilness on the viewers, it's kind of shocking actually because they built him up into this awesome house-daddy figure in the first season and all. OH I've always LOVED Joe and Victory. :sigh: I think Griffin is a better fit for Nico..for some reasons, I just think that, although Kirby..HOTNESS. Keep him around...please... I want the show to go on :( I'm sad to hear the prospect that it won't :(
sarabel sarabel 8 years
they should not be canceling this show. so sad.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 8 years
I agree Buzz, Roy is adorable! He's so cute. Too bad his character's gay. :( Otherwise, they could put me in there and be his love interest. Lol.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 8 years
I love this episode, well, mostly because Joe and Vic are together again. I've been frustrated with the episodes before this where they kept on showing Joe at the recaps at the beginning, but he's nowhere to be found in the episodes themselves. This tv couple makes me so.. giddy. Lol. Hurray for Joe and Victory! Who's skipping? Who's skipping? Haha. I wonder what will happen next. I didn't like Joe's answer when Vic asked him "what" they are now. And yeah, I can't understand what's happening with Shane either. I'm kind of liking the humble beginnings of the Nico and Griffin love angle. Raisins? Tea? Haha. Nico is more compatible with Griffin than with Kirby, I think. Although I have to say that before the break-up happened, I was rooting for Nico and Kirby and was very interested as to how they'll proceed with the relationship. I don't want to see this show go. These women are so different from each other and yet at the end of the day, the friendship just keeps on getting better. I love watching them go about their lives and how they deal with stuff that do happen in real life.
laughing808 laughing808 8 years
I actually missed it. I'll have to find one of those websites to catch it.
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I'm not happy where the show is going lately. I hate how they have made Shane into the bad guy. Before he the perfect guy and I liked how he kept Brooke's character in line. He was gorgeous, with a hot accent, a great dad, and a supportive husband. I liked seeing that on tv. Also I hate hate hate how baby focused the show is becoming! If it keeps going this way I won't mind it being cancelled. I just hope Victory and Joe hook up again before that.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I feel like someone should organize a campaign to send tubes of lipstick to NBC in a bid to save the show.
wicca_08 wicca_08 8 years
Never got a chance to watch this show.
divinedebris divinedebris 8 years
Oh, I really loved this episode. It was so much fun, it makes me really sad that I might not get to see these characters much longer. I agree, I wish we could see a stable happy marriage but Shane is being so evil, I wish he would just snap out of it. I'm going to miss Kerby but I think Nico needs a more mature adult love interest. And yay for Joe and Victory, I'd like to see those crazy kids make it work. :D I really do like this show, it's mature without being silly like Sex and the City got. There are some real elements that make it very entertaining and believable.
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
I let out a big "eeeeee!" when Joe kissed Victory. Yay! If they are going to end the show, I'm glad it ended on that note with them.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 8 years
shane is a tool. there are so many more adult ways to deal with the situation that how he is doing it. i too read the book and was wondering when they were going to make him an ass. except in the book wasn't it wendy who goes away for several months to shoot a movie in bulgaria or something? i am glad that joe and victory are back together too! nico and griffin, saw that coming a mile a way. i was surprised too at how quickly she jumped on the egg saving bandwagon but it makes sense. i don't want them to cancel this show! i will be so sad!
flamingo08 flamingo08 8 years
VERY happy about Joe and Victory. I want them to marry! And I think Griffin is totally hot and I saw that coming a while back, too. Shane's a tool. We all agree.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
When Nico said "Since when did Shane become a caveman?" I totally asked myself the same question. I would get it a little more if it were gradual, but really? In two episodes he's gone from good guy to total *ssface. And yes, Wendy should support him more, like maybe congratulate him before she questions his desire to go on tour, but still. And you're right Buzz, I liked that there was a stable relationship on here. As much as I think Nico went crazy with the baby stuff (again with the super fast switching personalities), I like her and Griffin together. He seems like a good guy, and hot! I'm so glad that Victory and Joe are back together, and I totally want his balcony! But I kept wondering how she got into the room, because it seems like she just appeared there while he was in the shower or something.
amylauren amylauren 8 years
I do not believe that Shane is a tool. If the genders were reversed we would be mad at him for stepping on his spouse's dreams. For the last 15 years he has played her house husband while she missed dinner, worked long hours, and took trips away from the family for her job. All while he stood by her and sacrificed his career for their family. This is his chance and he wants to live up to his full potential. If any housewife wanted a job outside of the home and the husband wouldn't support we would crucify the bastard. Why aren't we treating her the same? Plus, his behavior could be based on some resentment towards her act of cheating by kissing their friend. So don't say that he'll step out on her. He hasn't yet. She has. He can't be blamed for people flirting with him. She can be blamed for kissing someone. PS. I love Joe and Victory!
superstar2780 superstar2780 8 years
I liked this episode, though I am bummed they won't likely get a chance to explore these new stories. I am surprised with shane's behavior lately as well, I really liked him earlier this season and now all of a sudden they've turned him into a total ass. and I like nico and griffith together, hopefully we'll get to see a little bit of that play out before the show ends. also, how awesome was that balcony at joe's hotel where victory was eating breakfast?
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