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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode 2, "Nothing Sacred"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode 2, "Nothing Sacred"

Two episodes in, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about Lipstick Jungle. On the one hand, it seems more serious and more realistic than Cashmere Mafia; even the colors are more muted and the music less peppy. But on the other hand, I thought this second episode could have used a little dash of Cashmere's cheeriness just to keep it from getting dull. It's not a good sign when I find my attention drifting to magazines or online shopping in just the second week, is it?

Still, there are some things I liked about the episode, and the show actually seems capable of sustaining a plot line week to week, so maybe there will be more to enjoy next week. For my take, and to share yours, just


  • One of my main problems with the show is also one of my main draws: Wendy. I like Wendy. I actually feel sympathy for Wendy; Wendy does not seem to be the kind of person who deserves to have a nanny expose written about her. And . . . that's the problem. We're told that Wendy is a heartless ice queen, but boy, we never see it. We see her as a loving mother, a hugging executive, and a tough negotiator, but not somebody cutthroat or utterly self-absorbed the way the book made her out to be. It's hard not to be on Wendy's side, to the point that it's hard to understand why anybody wouldn't like her (Wendy's daughter: "You have enemies? Sweet!"), and that's a problem.
  • I suppose I expected Wendy's character to be a little more like Janice, though Janice probably swings too far toward the unsympathetic side to ever be the focus of a show. Even when it seemed like Wendy would get her to back down, Janice had another trick — the good ol' paparazzi photo — up her sleeve. "Tsunami for bad mommy" would be a lame caption, though. (Also, Wendy saying "I love my son" after we've just seen her daughter: continuity error? Did I just miss something?)
  • Also: Shane leaked the nanny info? I mean, I'm sure that wasn't what he thought he was doing at the time — he thought he was just having a conversation — but still, wouldn't he have been a little more careful?
  • While we're in the "be a little more careful" department: Nico and those photos? Yeah, like those aren't going to get leaked everywhere. I can't be the only person who watched that scene thinking, "Haven't you ever seen a movie? You know how this ends!" So, two of our main three ladies are now tabloid fodder.
  • The third one is running around New York searching for a hat. Ugh, I really hated Victory's storyline, and I resent that Joe had to come sweeping in to save the day. (It did give us the "Well, I'm Vera Fang" line, though, so I can't say it was all bad.)
  • More interesting, though, was Victory's lying, stealing cheat of an ex-assistant. That story should have some good payoff eventually, once Victory finds out. I wonder if the show will be around long enough for us to see that happen.
  • Nico's royals storyline? Yawn. The best part, though, was watching her half-embarrassed, half-smitten face as the photographer prattled on about "legs, nipples, lips" while Kirby stared at her.
  • Whatever my other issues with the show, the music is really, really good.

Still on board? How screwed is Wendy? Will Victory stop being annoying?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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