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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode Four, "The F-Word"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Four, "The F-Word"

The particular "F-word" in the title of this Lipstick Jungle episode is "family." As in, the one you suddenly have an awful lot of free time to spend with after you're fired from your job. Or the one you might have to learn to love if you start dating one of its members. Or the one that can suddenly resurface and start wreaking havoc on your life. To talk about all the family matters on this week's episode, just


  • So Wendy's fired, at home, and bored out of her mind. Oh, she's trying — making pancakes, setting up dentist appointments, watering plants. But inside, she's going nuts. It's not helping that Maddie is less than thrilled to have mom around ("Do me a favor and un-quit your job"). And it's also not helping that Wendy told her kids she quit, so every time she catches one of them (well, Maddie) in a lie, she feels like a hypocrite.
  • Oh yeah — and she also has to deal with Nico telling her that she's hurt all women: "You made an emotional decision at work that a man would never make." Ouch. Wendy still believes she did the compassionate thing (though she shouldn't have lied), but Nico thinks it gives executive women a bad name.
  • Not that Nico has a leg to stand on when it comes to emotional decisions, because our Nico Reilly is really Nico Pappademos from Queens, daughter of a former restaurant owner and sister of a small-time criminal. She's mostly left her family behind (her dad never seemed to love her; her brother stole from her), she ultimately comes through to bail her brother out of jail and set him up with a good lawyer. And she insists to Gordon that Bonfire not write a story about his crime (something-or-other about audiotapes of stockbrokers), because no way will she drag her family through that kind of mud.
  • Meanwhile, Victory does absolutely nothing to endear herself to Rodrigo's daughter, including showing up late for their first meeting and accidentally spoiling Charlotte's Web. Her efforts to impress later by inviting Rodrigo and Celia to a charity fundraiser are no better, because they get swept up in the crush of photographers (literally, in the case of poor Celia) while Victory has to go around being her fancy self. Rodrigo likes the Victory who cares about the world and likes sitting at home in sweats; he doesn't know what to do with the one in the glittery dresses who shows up in magazines. And he can't have just one of them.
  • Also, is Victory's publicist/"image consultant" just bad at her job? Why on earth would it be good for Victory to be the face of garbage in New York?
  • On a positive note, Nico and Kirby are publicly a couple, which so far seems not to be as awkward as either one of them had feared.
  • Wendy ultimately confesses her lie to her kids, and Maddie sweetly tells her mom she did the right thing letting Noah make his movie. Honestly, despite their ups and downs, the Healys must be the best-adjusted family in showbiz.

Are you surprised about Nico's background (and glad she's not just "making Greek babies and moussaka")? Is this the end for Victory and Rodrigo? Can I have the Healy family's guac recipe? Discuss. Also, if you loved the clothes, check them out on CelebStyle!

Photos courtesy of NBC

rubiene rubiene 8 years
PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE!. LIPSTICK JUNGLE is on this wednesday and friday 10 pm. it is shaky start so please watch the show. THEN AFTER THE 0CT.31ST SHOW friday it will be on FRIDAYS 10 PM. THE SHOW NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GO ON!!!!!!!seriouse matter if we want the show to last! THEY ARE CHANGING THE SHCEDULE ON FRIDAY EVENINGS! AND THAT IS A SIGN THEY MIGHT CANCELL IT but then again SEX AND THE CITY AIRS ON HBO ON FRIDAYS before.
kissmesweet26 kissmesweet26 8 years
I liked this episode, it gave Nico's character a little more depth telling the story of her background. Wendy's situation in this show is rare and I appreciate that they showed that you can be on top one day and down the next. I like how she is opening up and having more time with her family for a change. As for Victory...meh too bad for Rodrigo..that part bothered me and his daughter was a rude *ss kid and it was uncalled for. I can understand the situation so its good she found out. He couldnt deal with her career and spotlight? She doesnt need to deal with his mean little daughter and work her b*tt off. Fashion is Great on this show. I loved all of Nico's jewelery. Victory had the best clothes. I am not a big fan of Brook shields and her character is only sitting in on me.
rubiene rubiene 8 years
LIPSTICK JUNGLE will now be showing on FRIDAY EVENINGS at 10 pm starting oct.31st, 2008. but they will still have the last wednesday show same week. i love this episode!
bushra bushra 8 years
rewatching this episode i forgot something else i wanted to mention, what was with Maddie's dodgy makeup toward the end of the episode?!
bugn bugn 9 years
I love Nico's jewelry!!!! I am really into watching this show just to see what they are wearing. Its the new Sex & the City of Fashion TV (Gossip Girl too of course.) :-P
lmaguire5 lmaguire5 9 years
I love this show, but this episode was a disappointment. I wanted Victory and Rodrigo to work out, but doesn't look good. Love the work story lines, hopefully Wendy will be back at it soon. Love the theme song too!!!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
well i think that the Nico thing is kind of expected - you know that all these characters can't come from the privileged world so it's only fair that she's from Queens - now to have a brother wrapped up in nonsense, that's kind of unexpected. i think that it's interesting that no one's really making a big deal about her and kirby - since there was the lawsuit and all but i guess mentioning it in one episode was all that was necessary right? as for wendy - you know that it's going to be more in depth with her, about what she's going to do and where she's going to get another job and all that. i can't picture that she'll be happy not working for long - and i have a feeling that she's going to be asked to come back to parador pictures - so we'll have to see how that one pans out as for victory - well...she's the one that had to play the field more - since she's the youngest of the crew. i feel like we'll see her and joe get back together but they are like meredith and derek from Greys - you can't reunite them too soon or there won't be enough tension for what they need
emms emms 9 years
I knew her name wasn't really Nico Reilly!!!!! Now we just need to find out what Victory's real name is. Speaking of, she needs to move on from Bob the Builder. He introduced Victory to his kid way too soon! I would have hated her too if I was that girl. I mean are they even "boyfriend/girlfriend" yet??
Gossamer Gossamer 9 years
I miss Joe Bennett
bushra bushra 9 years
argh, someone get rid of Dahlia already!
Soapboxer Soapboxer 9 years
I watched this drivel for the first and last time last night. None of these characters were engaging and it all seemed pretty pointless.
indiaheart indiaheart 9 years
Lipstick Jungle is losing me. I like Wendy employed, Victory with Joe and Nico...well Kirby, need I say more?
brilliance13 brilliance13 9 years
I really loved this episode :) especially Wendy's storyline--it has a lot of relevance to today's economic climate and how it feels to be fired... etc. And certainly a lot of truth discussing the differences between decisions that women make in their careers vs. men
ehadams ehadams 9 years
The one thing that bothered me about this episode was that Rodrigo's daughter would be reading Twilight not Charlotte's Web. ;)
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